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Purple Flowers

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Some purple flowers at the lake by my house - Not sure what kind they are but I like them :-)
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  1. Robbos0:54
  2. Deanna1:09
  3. Ianto1:10
  4. XenaPrincess1:11
  5. kitkatkit1:13
  6. Pekaji1:14
  7. wjl10151:17
  8. peggy661:20
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TFS, I love purple do they have aromatic scent?⚙️


ok I'm out for the night - back tomorrow :-)


LOL I wasn't "bad" I just had an attitude and hated being told what to do...... not much has changed lol


I don't think I ever fooled my mom into thinking I was angelic - lol
I was a good kid but she often reprimanded me anyway. Not in a harsh way, just liked to remind me I wasn't perfect, I guess - lol


LOL You can call me Angel - and She called me Angel cause she "thought" I was angelic... She was wrong lol So very very wrong LOL


Shall I call you Angel at WAI, or would you prefer to remain"XP" there?
I guess your mom called you Angel because you were so angelic? :-))


Thanks Pam, You too :-)
BTW My name is Angelina but my friends call me Angel (My mother's fault lol)


Have a good evening, XP! :-))


Glad you like them. Thanks Pam :-)


These are so pretty - I love the color. And lucky you, to have a lake by your house, XP. :-))
Thanks for the puzzle and for sharing. ~Pam~


This may be a variety of vetch. Vetch is a ground cover that can be used for erosion control. Grins!☺


Hi Birdsongs,

I googled purple salvias and I believe these are definitely in the salvia family of flowers - which type specifically... no idea.. there are sooo many lol, but at least it's narrowed down a bit.

I'm glad you like the pic :-)

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