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Pere Marquette at Henderson Michigan.

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Looks like the farmers are too busy discussing the price of soybeans to pay much attention to Pere Marquette 1225 heading south through Henderson Michigan. All courtesy of the Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso on a photo freight chartered by Steam Loco Safari Tours of the UK.
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Looks like he is pouring on the coal as they say.
Great to see pictures of old steam engines.


Love it Jim, I grew up in a house near the railway station and there was a ramp for reloading . Great memories. Thank you very much. Have a nice day ☻


abear1943, Thanks , So did I when I was young. It was great to be young in that era.


Glad You liked it Evo,

Jsem rád, že se vám to líbilo Evo ,


Brings back a lot of memories. Saw a lot of these when I was a kid. Great photo, thanks.

Zajímavé místo - nádraží.... a parní lokomotiva, to je moje láska. Díky Jime
Interesting place - Station .... a steam locomotive, it is my love. Thanks Jim


Bk, smllpkg, Ginger , Janet, Neville and Oynot . I do love all the friends I've made on Jigidi, the best people in the world , and the smartest too. I have learned so much from you and others from places all over the world plus things about my own country . How beautiful the world is. Too bad all the people can't be like the people on Jigidi. Jim


oynot, I do too, seems like they use them more in Europe. I remember riding a steam train to my uncles farm in Canada . It took 8 hours to get there ,it stopped at every station along the way. I stood between the cars where they had a half gate . I loved the smell , noise and smoke. Now days I drive there and it only takes about 4 hours. Jim


Neville, G'day Mate, my accent isn't right though , I'll have to work on it .
I think my second love after airplanes are trains. lots of great photos on this sight. Jim


Hi Ginger, I'm fine , How are you feeling ?
I'm just getting lazy plus trying to get some yard work done .It needs to warm up.
Seems like I was spending a lot of time on the computer and letting other things go . I'll try and come on more often. Hugs , Jim


Thanks Janet, It won't be long before you'll be coming to the U.S. Your kitty's, Miffie and Molly, will be mad at you for leaving them for a while , I know Peter will be glad to see you. the kitty's will be in good hands with Heather holding down the fort. Hugs Jim.


Back at you Jim! I haven't been on Jigidi long, but it is a kind and welcoming community. I'm proud to call you my friend :)


smllpkg, I've been kind of lazy lately. I have a million pictures but only want to post the best ones , I have too go up to Canada again and get some new pictures. Jim


I do enjoy trains jetmech7, I wish they were offered more in transportation. Thanks for sharing your finds :)


A fabulous puzzle, thanks Jim, good to see you back. Hugs dear friend.


Hope you weren't ill my friend?! Great to 'see' you here today Jim. Wonderful reminder of the 'good' ol days. Take care now. :o))


A picture taken right out of time. Happy to see you feel up to posting again. Welcome back!


Thanks BK , I've been slow to put puzzles Up , but will try to start doing every ones puzzles again .Jim


oynot. The site where I got this from is If you like trains , theres thousands of great pictures.


Very nice image. I'd like that old red truck :-)
Nice to see you back Jim☺


Fantastic image! I love to do these types of puzzles. Thanks for sharing your find jetmech7 :)

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