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A message to my beloved family from Goofie.

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A remembrance by Goofie's Jigidi friends on what would have been his 19th Birthday
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  1. racoonstar1:17
  2. jbow1:17
  3. calluna1:35
  4. Marrufo11:46
  5. 2caldbeck1:47
  6. kayboblee1:50
  7. Impie1:57
  8. jyl2:01
  9. demile2:03
  10. MoreJunk2:09


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They never do stay as long as we want, do they? I remind myself to pay as much attention to this one as I can while he is here. He is so special because he is so sensitive and super smart. He can communicate both with a look and different meows. He even puts up with all of my tight little hugs and carrying him around like a babe. lol Yes, they bring such sweetness to our lives. ;-)) (Like Val, I wish I could have been there when Nev and Marge visited. He is such a lovely man; I have to assume Marge is every bit as delightful. What fun you must have had. So glad you could spend time together.)


Donna, that's the sort of thing I do. I have saved pictures of many Jigidi kitties and every so often I sit and browse through them. ☺♥☺


Kay, I can relate to what you have said. Our darling Pushkin who turned up at our front door one day looking a bit the the worse for wear and heavily pregnant decided she liked the look of us and figured she had found her forever home. The vet said she was probably about five years old and had already had several litters of kittens. After she had the kittens we had her spayed and she brought great joy into our lives and was with us until her kidneys gave out in her twentieth year. The vet said it would be a blessing to let her go before she got any worse. I held her gently in my arms as she quietly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Gosh, even now I am tearing up remembering that fateful day I had hoped would never come. ♥♥


I have this one on file, as it resonates so much.


What a lovely poem which any mama of a fur baby can relate to. We thought we would lose our boy--the vet gave him six months--two years ago. He just had his annual checkup and the vet said, he did not know what we were doing, but to keep it up. He said, "Bless you; you could probably teach me something." Was rather surprised. I just think our kitty just doesn't want to leave. He spent five years as far as we can tell on his own after someone tossed him--he had been neutered. Pretty sure they tied him in a plastic bag when they tossed him. He was terrified of plastic bags and men's winter coats and shoes for several years. We love him and make certain he knows it. Have had cats my entire adult life. Two litter mates lasted almost 20 years. Another pair last only half that long and now this single fellow who wants and deserves all the attention we can give him. They say rescue kitties are the most appreciative and he certainly fits that bill. So wonderful of you to find this lovely poem honoring Impie's Goofie. Thank you, Pammi, for finding and sharing. It is very special. ;-))


Thanks Bekkabee, it can still bring tears to my eyes too, I really miss my sweet boy. ♥

Yes, Pammi, that was one of the main reasons, but I'm sure Mr. Pigeon and playing "tag" with him, also had a lot to do with it! ♥☺♥☺♥


Thank you, Bekka. Yes we all miss Goofie and his daily patrols through Impie's lovely garden. I'm not sure but just maybe it might have been a chance to check how his catnip was growing. ♥♥


What a beautiful poem, Pammi. It brought tears to my eyes.


Ella and Val, many thanks for your lovely comments ♥♥


Thank you, Ella and Val....I know you can relate to the missing of a pet and in particular when one so special like Goofie was for me! ♥


Pammi this is wonderful to remember Goofie and all our previous pets brings tears to the eyes as all those feelings come back hugs for Impie and you☺♥☺


Pammi, this is such a beautiful way to remember Goofie! It speaks to all of us who have lost fur babies.


Thank you once again, Pammi and thank you all for your touching comments, Nancy, Morejunk, dhi, niccolino, Sherry and Janet.....we all have loved and lost pets in time, but I'm positive that each of us will have (had) a special bond with one in particular and for me that was definitely Goofie! ♥♥♥


Thank a million Janet, you are such a sweetie. ♥♥♥♥♥


A beautiful poem for Impie thanks Pammi. It is so right too, we can still feel them with us. Hugs dear friend. ♥♥


Sherry, many thanks for joining in today as we remember Goofie and all the joy he brought to so many Jigidiers. You are so right in saying that the happy memories always remain with us. ☺☺☺


Although they are gone, they are not forgotten. The soft warmth on my lap. The faint purr in my ear. The glimpse out of the corner of my eye. The sweet memories that will never fade. Sherry


MJ, dhi and Nicky, Thank you for your comments. Impie will be touched by your messages and kind thoughts and of course this brings to mind all the beautiful furry kids that we have all sadly lost over the years. ☺♥☺


Yes, I have felt it, too. A beautiful poem, Pammi. Thank you for sharing it.x


This message is very true.Sometimes the weight of one sitting on me and other times it is there heat, although there is no visible form, just that very familiar energy signature.

What a blessing and so true,


Impie my friend, the pleasure is all mine. ♥♠♥


Hi Nancy, thank you for you kind comment and heaven knows we all still love Impie's special boy. ♥♥♥♥


Oh, Pammi, thank you for this lovely poem and for thinking of my sweet boy♥
I'm glad I found it just before I'm off to bed. It's just after midnight here and I've posted a photo of Goofie for his friends & Fans.
I'll post another one in the morning. I'll solve this puzzle with this lovely tribute later on, but I'm now off to bed first and try and catch some sleep. I'll probably will be dreaming about this lovely tribute. Thank you very much dear friend! ♥♥♥
Good night!♥


Oh Pammi, this is lovely! It got really dusty in here, all of a sudden....♥♥♥

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