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Custard Apples

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For my friend Neville who has never seen an Australian Custard Apple
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Hi Marina. Though not the most attractive looking fruit it seems that most people who have tried them say they taste pretty good. I confess that to date I still have never tried them. I hope you are having a lovely day in Greece. ♥♥♥♥


Never heard of or tasted one of these beauties.. but at least I've seen them through your puzzle. Thanks for sharing it. Marina.


Hello Fay, nice to hear from you and you are living in such a beautiful part of the country. We are on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I do hope the summer was kinder to you than what we had here. Now six days into Autumn and the humidity is still playing havoc with me. Glad to know you enjoy your custard apples. Maybe one of these day I might take the plunge............maybe!! ☺☺


Hi Kay. I love the picture of your darling furry boy. If you have more pics why not post them so all the Jigidi cat lovers can swoon over the new kid on the block. I do sympathise with you knowing your boy is not doing very well these days. Even though we know they cannot be with us forever, it is still very, very hard to deal with. All we can do is keep loving them and continue giving lots of ear scrunches and tummy rubs and be thankful they chose us to be their loving companions through thick and thin. ♥♥


A very tasty fruit, I pay from $1 to $2 Aus. for them depending on size, when ripe all but skin and seeds can be eaten, I have them often when in season. Fay.


Pammi, I was looking through your posts and read this one with interest. I will have to buy one when I see them again which is not too often. Never knew what they were and I suppose the price deterred me. I am certain you will not remember this, but quite some time ago you invited me to share pictures of my cat on someone else's comments where we were discussing our kitties. I told you I am not certain how to post puzzles and not much of a picture taker. However, I didn't forget so when I needed a avatar as they call them for my photo, I did manage to get a picture of my guy. I wish I had followed your advice back then because he is not doing well and had always been such a handsome fellow. The vet says we are lucky if we have him for another six months, but also said maybe longer or maybe sooner. Cats are such special companions and I have been blessed with some wonderful felines, but this fellow is off the charts wonderful. I never forgot your invite to share more of him with you all. It was wise advice given how many wonderful photos I see of people's animal friends. Some even post the photos after the kitty or doggie has passed. Thanks for the share....

The one I use comes in a bottle and has an applicator.

Absorbine Jr also has menthol in it, so check with your doctors about interaction with other medications particularly warfarin or Coumiadin or any other allergies you might have.
I only put it on after the the bite not as a preventive.


Will look for it tomorrow but still not convinced about Sunshine Coast midges Pammi :-))


Yeah, when I first looked it up, the very top of the page said Absorbine JR for horses and I thought whaaaaat??? Fortunately I am made of sterner stuff so kept reading further down and pleased to say, the human factor did come into it. Come on Lynette, you know we Aussies are always up to a challenge. ♥☺♥

I used it in Jakarta in desperation after nothing else worked and I was being eaten alive!! Now I use it for all bites and it really works for me. Friends tell me they use it on their horses but this is for people. I don't know if there is a difference.


Thank-you ORcritter - also very allergic to mosquitoes so sounds promising :-)


Thanks for the tip ORcritter, it's always good to have options. ☺

Lynetteoz and Pammi
I use ABSORBINE, JR or ABSORBINE PLUS on bites. When I apply it right away on myself, it stops the bite from even swelling . At the very least, it stops the itching. It's an off product use, but works for me. I usually have to apply it twice. The ingredients are: acetone, chloroxylenol, iodine, calendula, echinacea, wormwood herb, potassium iodide, thymol, and wormwood oil. The label says it is used for sore muscles and arthritis pain. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION.


Thanks Pammi :-)


I am so sorry to know that you have had a bad reaction to midge bites. They really are awful I know. I think the last time I was badly bitten was years ago when I was much younger and nearly went nuts from the itching and I do recall they made me feel terrible. Unfortunately, these are the sorts of things that hang around in a sub-tropical climate. After living in W.A. for twenty five years and coming back to Queensland, I notice there are a lot of insects that I had forgotten about. Mosquitoes for instance, just to name one and they absolutely love me. Good luck with your decision making. ☺☺☺


We came home Monday night. Unfortunately I have been bitten very badly by midges and needed to see a doctor. Probably happened when we were walking to the river over a swamp so that reaction will have to be considered. No decision made but we are still doing lots of talking :-)


Wow Lynette, that's a bit steep isn't it? Are you still up here or are you now back home? Dare I ask, any firm decision yet re moving house permanently? ☺☺☺


I priced one at Woolworths yesterday Pammi - $10 each!! Hopefully next year they will be a little cheaper :-)


Thanks ORcritter. I'm glad you get to enjoy them but certainly not cheap, eh? ☺☺

Delicious!! Soft, creamy, custard like inside. Choose ones that are really soft. Cut in half, eat only the soft, white interior, spit out the seeds. In the USA we get most of the them from Mexico and are called cherimoya. At least $5USD per fruit.


Good point, ronidaho. Many thanks for your comment. ☺☺


I'm glad everybody hasn't tried them or they would cost even more.


Damn it all, soo, why was I not told about this years ago??? I could have been the healthiest and most gorgeous female around and blessed with good health and physical allure. Thanks a million for the info. ♥!♥!♥

P.S. If I was to start now, have I left my run too late?? You think??? ☺☺


Very interesting Pammi ♥ It would appear they are good for you:

Custard Apple is full of vitamin C anti-oxidants, which helps to combat many diseases and also enhances the immune system. Custard apple is abundant with potassium, magnesium and contains vitamin A, calcium, copper, fiber and phosphorous. It has high calorific value, able to provide sustained energy and delicious in nature. The luscious fruit is eaten throughout the world.

Eating custard apple will help you to save from many diseases and disorders. The fruit is good for heart, skin, and bone, and maintains blood pressure. Custard apple is also helpful in curing of boils, ulcers and gum related problems. The leaves of this fruits work against cancer and bark can be used in case of toothache and gum pain.


Hi Lynette. I am happy to say we had no damage from the rain and wind yesterday and we had a blackout from about 5.00pm through until just before 2.00am. That was very, very wild weather and I would by lying if I didn't say it put me on edge. Today has been glorious and I expect it is the same where you are. At least you are getting to experience some of the quirks of Queensland weather. Lucky girl!!! ♥♥


Hiya Impie. Yes these are a strange looking object. I know when I was a kid and everyone used to say how nice they tasted, I could never bring myself to try them as I disliked the knobbly look of them. I don't know how they came by the name as I am told they don't taste like custard and they certainly do not resemble an apple, so????? Hugs to you and the furry boy. ♥♥♥


Hi there librac. I believe they are classed as tropical/sub tropical. They seem to grow well in Queensland but Nev, who lives in Sydney, has not ever seen them. Hope you are enjoying a lovely day in New Zealand. Every day in your lovely country is a good one anyway. ☺☺


Hi Nillie. Many thanks for your comment. This fruit seems to have a different name in every country, doesn't it? It does not matter so long as they keep on tasting good and you get to enjoy your 'Annona' every so often. ♥♥


Hi oregal. Yes, that's what started this debate. Neville (ulangariver) posted a picture entitled 'cherimoya' and I had never heard the name before but I thought it looked the same as the fruit we Aussies call a custard apple (though where the 'apple' bit comes from I don't know). I am pleased you enjoyed your cherimoya and perhaps one day I will even get to try one. However, I am not sure that I do see them in the shops these days. They were certainly plentiful back in my younger days. Thanks muchly for your comment. ☺☺☺


These are occasionally available in Melbourne - I used to eat only one a year even though they are very nice - one was always enough. Did your property get damaged after last nights high winds Pammi? I was constantly watching the BOM radar and your area seemed to be in the red for ages. When the 100km winds hit here it was quite scary especially when a big tree went down - but we have a better view now :-)


Thanks for sharing Pammi, I can't say I've ever seen them either! ♥♥


not seen in nz.are they tropical fruit


These fruit trees are doing very well in Israel and generally speaking people enjoy eating them in spite of their many black fruit stones... we call them here "Annona". Sounds like a funny name in Hebrew.

Purchased one at a farmers market in California. It was called a cherimoya and was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. Don't see them very often and they are always very expensive, but if they are common where you are, do yourself a favor and try them!


dp, snažíme se zjistit, co dělat s těmito pudink jablky. Někteří lidé je znají, ale já ne. Pozdrav z Neville, Sydney, Austrálie.

dp, we are trying to find out what to do with these Custard Apples. Some people know them, but I do not. Greetings from Neville, Sydney, Australia.


Many thanks for your comment, dp. Yes, they do look interesting but I have never been brave enough to taste them. ☺☺

Mnohokrát děkuji za váš komentář, DP. Ano, jsou to zajímat, ale nikdy jsem nebyl dost odvahy, aby je ochutnat. ☺☺


Nev, I must confess I have never tasted them. When I was a kid everyone used to eat them but somehow they just never appealed to me. I am told they taste lovely. Perhaps roseh can offer a few pointers to both of us. ☺☺☺


O.K, Pammi. But quite honestly, I've never seen these before, ever. We don't have them down here in Sydney shops.
How do you eat them, and what do they taste like? ♥♥♥

Neznám, ale vypadají zajímavě :-) dp


They are delicious!

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