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This is a Yellow Shafted Flicker a member of the woodpecker family. In addition to the red band on his head, he has a black bib and black mustache.
Supposedly they are across the country all year, but I only see them in the spring, hunting for bugs under the bark.
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  1. like921150:30
  2. Ianto0:40
  3. texasstar70:50
  4. robryan0:53
  5. kyragoat0:53
  6. petsmom0:55
  7. slarotonda0:55
  8. BubbaLou0:58
  9. 08291:00
  10. lovegolf1:02


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Happy to brighten your day, petsmom, rob, tex and Monica. Your comments and postings brighten mine.

We each notice different things in our environments. Sometimes they stay long enough for a photo. Sometimes not. You guys come up with things I had never noticed or moments I have never seen. Thank goodness we are all different. What a richer world we create together. :-)))

Sorry to be so long in responding, but my power supply died and I had to get my computer fixed. ;-{


Ohhhhhhhh he's so beautiful Angel, your so lucky to get such pretty birds where you live, I'm so glad you post these lovely birds for us to see too! Thanks so much for doing that! :))))


Cool bird, nice shot. Thanks, Angel.


I love that splash of red & his beautiful pattern. Thanks Angel.


Beautiful. He sure blends in. Thanks for telling us about him.

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