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Cosmos or Cosmea enjoying the beautiful weather

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in my front garden☺☺
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  1. liertje19783:56
  2. Vic19964:28
  3. calluna4:38
  4. babray4:58
  5. Impie5:22
  7. nanlein5:43
  8. egerton5:45
  9. canoekaw6:17
  10. EllaMB6:40


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Wow! That is so sharp and clear!




Thanks, Nancy, I hope I can show you more blue skies the coming days, today we had 32°C ....
I really hope the fires will go out soon and you'll get clear skies again!


I had the same thought as Ella. Trying not to grouse about it since so many have it so much worse....including Ella. We have had super yucky, murky air, much of it from Oregon fires for several days. Not used to keeping all windows shut tight and staying inside as much as possible The "cleaning out" hasn't started as was there's talk of more smoke by midweek. At least smoke has kept temperatures cool. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy your lovely blue sky/colorful dancing flower photos. :-))


See you, Faye.... enjoy your stay! ♥ (that rhymes too!)☺

It's just awful, Anne. I received your links at my other puzzle and read the articles and sad stories!

Thank you, GG. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle. The plant this flowers blooms on is taller than I am so it was the perfect heigth to include the background with the beautiful blue sky! ☺☺

Why thank you, Jason, I'm glad you like it :-)

Thanks, Ella, Yeah, blue with only few clouds yesterday and again today! I'm sorry you still have such hazy skies from the forest fires. ♥

Yeah, Pammi, she was really enjoying the sunbeams. I did also his afternoon. It's 25°C. here today, but in the back corner of my patio the thermometre read 40°C. So I couldn't soak up sunbeams very long...a bit too hot! ♥♥


Mmm, she sure does look happy, Impie. What a glorious day you had. ♥♥


Lovely shot of her dancing around! Oh wow! Is that what a blue sky looks like? :-D


Such a sweet dancing flower :-)

Thank you, Impie.


This is a lovely flower and a lovely photo, Impie. I love flower up close, and then the background colors! Thank you! ☺☺


I have relatives and friends all up and down the coast of California and a sister in law with her family in Oregon. It's frightening, but so far the folks living right in coastal cities are not directly threatened. Yes the air is bad but I've keep an eye on the 'fire map" for the west coast and so far so good for my friends and family. We in NM are getting haze from the left over smoke blowing across the US and the more local fires.


I will, Impie, but they do not have WiFi so we'll use their computer and hope for access to our e-mails...if not, see you on jigidi. ;DDD


Thank you, Faye, we're supposed to get warm weather again, this coming week.
I heard on the news and from some Jigidi-friends about the fires, it's terrible and scary!
I can't begin to imagine how everyone who get effected bythe smoke of those forest fires manage to pass the days and nights. On warm summer evenings some people in our neighbourhood will light a fire pit....the smoke is literally breath-taking and gives me a headache....but this is nothing compared to the forest fires in Washington State, or the other day at Ella's! Take care and stay safe!♥
P.S. will you take your iPad with you to your sister's?

She was really happy, Nancy, it looks like she lifted her skirt up a bit :-))

Thanks, Anne....yes, we had a beautiful blue sky today, which is always perfect for the background of a photo! :)

This is the shape of this flower, nillie and it looks like she's dancing indeed. She might unfold her two petals and she might not, some flowers have a mind of their own! :))
Thanks and good night ♥♥

Thanks, Nan, yes, she was in a good mood, there was hardly any wind at the moment I took the photo!:)


I agree with Nillie, this flower is dancing!


This flower has been caught by the camera in motion? Or is it the shape of his petals? Whatever it is, this flower is dancing:-))
Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Wow the sky! Such a deep and vivid blue and the perfect back drop for your beautiful flowers.


She's having a ball, twirling her pretty petticoats in sun and blue sky. :DD


She is very pretty...and that sunshine and blue sky look great! For the fourth day in a row all we can see...and smoke...and it's supposed to get worse before it gets better. We have hit 10+ on the scale of the worst air in the world...and it's all coming north from terrible, terrible forest fires in Washington State. So many people have lost everything.

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