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I made this puzzle, starring myself, to be viewed but not necessarily solved. I thought I posted a puzzle of the shirt a couples years back but could not find a record where I did that. In case you can't make it out, a toothbrush and a roll of toilet paper are whining to each. I was in Texas's Big Bend National Park when some stranger offered to take a photo of me.
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  1. ljcowles4:07
  2. Howy4:44
  3. geerdina175:13
  4. freetime5:34
  5. olando5:42
  6. jlcutright5:46
  7. bla5:49
  8. theodoraj5:54
  9. seagirl75:57
  10. Paroikos6:12


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GREAT STORY, Terry. How funny that your cousin was the one to print it. Enjoyed reading that. :-)


What a nice story ☺


Jaklien, dblay, BJEE, & Marge, Sue spotted this saying on a T-shirt online. A short time later I visited my cousin upstate who owns a huge T-shirt printing company. I told him about the T-shirt saying that I saw and suggested he print some of them. He then proceeded to walk across the warehouse and told me that T-shirt was one of his. He picked up the one in this photo and gave it to me. Terry


dusty, so true, Terry


magic, I am sorry to say, but it has been a long time since I personally got rave reviews. No...wait a minute. I have never received any rave reviews. I have no idea who took my photo. Periodically, when I am out and about, a fellow tourist will just offer to take a photo of me. Terry

seagirl7, Terry, I told the guys at lunch today about your shirt. You got rave reviews. Well not you so much but the shirt. How fun that was. Thanks for sharing. So who took the picture?


Love this!!
Goes to show that when we think we've got it bad, someone else has it worse.
Thanks for sharing!
Dusty : o


I know this inscription and still think it's more than wonderful!


Oh, shoot!!! I forgot to say that I worked the puzzle AND read the shirt. Great puzzle! :-)


HA, HA, HA, HA!!!! That shirt is hilarious!! Thank you for sharing it. Great photo of you too, Terry. The scenery all around is very beautiful. That was very nice of that person to make the photo. Well worth the effort and it just shows that you are always looking for a laugh, it seems. :-)))



Glad you shared the pic of your shirt! It definitely is very unique and funny!


Thank you. It is a funny shirt.

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