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55 ford

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  1. karlee2:57
  2. ptv83473:23
  3. dbuchanan4:18
  4. malcolmm1814:25
  5. enddump4:32
  6. bulldog13134:35
  7. kenworth4:44
  8. gordyp534:45
  9. Vanning4:45
  10. 1958Jim4:47


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The 56 is lower.


thank you Jim.

all the body parts interchanged, only the trim was different

Thanks Pat, maybe its just an optical illusion that they look lower. I owned a '55 Crown Vic back in '58, but never bothered to compare it to the Fairlane. Sure wish I had it now.


sorry Wiley, I don't know anything about that shorter top height stuff. I have never heard of it at all. I'm understanding that the Crown Victoria is built on the Fairlane base model. The Fairlane models also had a Victoria, other than the Crown Victoria. But this one is the cheaper model Customline Victoria.. Pat

Correct me if I'm wrong Mr Vic, this model appears to have a lower profile as does the 55/56 Crown Vic, which I believe is accomplished by the top being a little lower, (ie 2 or so inches), than the Fairlane. What say you ? Thanks.

thanks for the insite mr_51_vic_ss


1956 Ford Customline Victoria Not a Fairlane. Pretty hard to find. Pretty rare. side trim comes from side of headlight instead of from the top of the headlight as on the Fairlane.

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