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Little No Name

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Hello, I was just rescued yesterday and don't have a name yet.
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I’m glad you enjoy Kit Cat! I just posted a new puzzle of him. Thanks!

How much I love all your "kit-Kat" pictures! My kitties were my 'siblings' as I was an only child...the poor things got dressed up in doll clothes and pushed around in doll buggies! they were loved! (and probably felt abused!) Thank you for sharing! Lorraine


Kit Cat is a total sweetheart kitty. Thanks for sharing!


Darling! And so glad to get to see Kit Cat again as he has grown up.

You are ADORABLE!!!!


I so enjoy your cat puzzles... please don't stop taking pictures and sharing! (If others get tired of them, they are free to skip over. But I love them!). Thanks. Trudy.
P.S. This little guy (girl?) is especially darling!!

Love the new name(s)! Thanks for letting us know...looking forward to the new picture...Sherry :)))


How sweet. I'm glad your parents are enjoying KC. Kit Cat is a cute name. Pets are wonderful additions to a family, especially the elderly. So happy that this worked out, Peggy. Love it that KC has a forever family.


There is actually another update, his name was changed to Kit Cat; my dad likes to call him KC. Everyone who meets this kitten falls in love and he is wonderful medicine for my elderly parents. I will post another puzzle of him soon. Thanks for the interest.


So glad your parents adopted Bigfoot. You will be able to watch him grow up. Thanks for updating us, webpeggy.


Oh she’s gorgeous X


Love those markings,,,,and eyes! Absolutely adorable. A very lucky little Bigfoot. :-))


Hello Little Bigfoot - you are such a cutie pie - so happy your dad has him xx sure he ill be loved and spoiled rotten ♥♥ thx for sharing ☺☺

He has a home and people who love him, and he has a name, what else is there? ... Sherry :)))


It is not the name I picked, but am glad for my dad to be showing an interest so Bigfoot it is!


His new home is with my parents; I am so happy for them to have a pet. My dad will never admit it, but he likes this kitten and has named him Bigfoot.

Hi, Peggy, it's 6 days later...what's the little babe's name, please? and thank you! ... Sherry :)))


Oh - way too cute :) Lucky I don't live nearby, I'd be wanting this cutie. Not sure Gem & Stormy, my two fur girls would agree tho!


I love all the feedback. I hadn't thought about the Maine Coon looks. Little Cutie still doesn't have a name as there has been no agreement. I'm just going to make the decision soon! He is so smart, social, and still eats like there may never be another meal. Bless everyone rescuing animals.

How about “ Cutie Pie “ ?


Oh how cute! Yea for rescues and rescuers. Thanks for sharing, webpeggy.

Yep! sure looks like a Maine Coon...just look at those big feet and tufts on his/her ear tips.
Had two Maine Coons, and found both to be happy, gentle, easy going cats, miss them still, after more than twenty years....No name yet? What about "Lucky" ?

Call him Good Fortune:)


I would be calling him Little darling.

almost looks like a Maine coon face...lovely little being...hope he gets a name today...Sherry :)))

Oh a little tabby cat. I have a rescue mackerel tabby called Chumley. Can not tell if this cutie is a mackerel or not as I cannot see his forehead well. Thanks for rescuing this little one. Pene'

I have three cats, rescued Fryda, rescued Redhead and Silversmith :-)

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