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Hi, are you here too??

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  1. ANAJ581:54
  2. viktorie2:07
  3. knittinggranny2:11
  4. lelabugosi2:24
  5. 195909232:41
  6. Larryl2:42
  7. grum2:47
  8. princesst2:52
  9. katyak212:55
  10. joanie3:09


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Thanks so VERY much yellowgal!!

This is just charming, Hanne, how fortunate you are to have seen them! Not to worry, Robbie, you have a big heart & I'm thinking the little people can see inside it . . . all is good. Thanks again, H & B :))


Oh! I do hope you find out - both of you!! Robbie, actually you are not SO bad - I think the gnomes will only tease you a little and very nicely - perhaps pull YOUR ears!! It's a possibility really - don't you think so Lela??


"Pull his ears" indeed!.........I will have you know, chubby-in-Merbuda, that I am a friend of the gnomes........and you are now in BIG TROUBLE!......


Uh oh! This is the third or fourth puzzle in 24 hours that my mouth has gotten me in trouble.......I better take a cold shower and re-group!! I feel like I am thirteen again getting in trouble and being scolded!! Then again Jenny and her family think a six year old is less work than me!!!! Sheesh!!!


You are SO welcome Lela!!

Robbie, it's a very good dialog, BUT the last sentence seen with a gnome's eyes would be something like: You are a highly respectable and responsible friend of mine! Thanks so very much!! But - as Ank says, be careful, they remember who has spoken about them and how!!

Thanks so very much Ank! You are SO right!! Oh, these young people! They have so much to learn!


Robbie Robbie, don't let them do such things. They are hard working lovely gnomes. But if you don't believe in them you better take care. Then it is possible that they come along and they can tease you. Don't think you are save on your island, gnomes always find a way. So you better be kind to them.

Hanne they are sweet.


"Hey Olaf?"
"Yes Poul?"
" You want to get into some trouble today?"
"Ok Poul, what shall we do?"
"Let's jump on Goldy's shoulders and pull his ears!!"
"Hee hee hee, Poul you are a mischievous little devil!"

What a sporty puzzle Bent and Hanne, thanks......


Hee-Hee...Brilliant!....Thanks Hanne and Bent for these magical views!....


Yes, Ardy, and I was born in Odense, the town of H.C.!! So you see when Bent was born on Bornholm with all their traditions about small people, we are a very fine team!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, I have seen one - on a distance. You don't come close to them!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Hanne, you and Bent are so lucky to see all these little people! This is a gorgeous photo. I've been wondering. Have you ever seen a leprechaun?


How do you meet all these cute little people? I guess I shouldn't be surprised coming from the land of Hans Christian Andersen. Thanks, Hanne. Love it.

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