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  1. franske0:42
  2. like921150:44
  3. Kikinka0:46
  4. Ianto0:48
  5. berio0:51
  6. PattyF0:57
  7. Surreal_Heidi0:57
  8. dunes0:58
  9. qvottrup1:01
  10. patten1:04


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The fun and laughter is great, Bonnie! You've found some great photos! Thank you so very much! If others would contribute to the Captions and let us know, we could look for their puzzles, too!


I asked for menthol - well, at least they have filters...

Where did you put the matches?


Hi Captioners,

Yaaa, JiggyBelleS is back. Boooo, she is moving on to other art for her puzzles and has asked me to continue creating captioning puzzles for you. I have found this to be difficult on a daily basis because of my weird schedule, but I will post as often as I can. Watch this space. Thank you all so very much for being so witty and clever, I have truly enjoyed coming back and reading your captions and getting laughter into my day.


Bad Birdies!!!

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