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On her way

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  1. Tweety11283:54
  2. lizziehow5:30
  3. tullamore5:36
  4. Maruu5:39
  5. evelo5:44
  6. Perdue5:50
  7. dotshell6:02
  8. fabieg6:13
  9. machemjo6:18
  10. Lmillner6:20


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Thank you very much, Pat :-)


What Teresa said. :-)


Hi Dotty, thank you so much. I'm glad you mentioned the mood..


Maddie, really lovely image. I agree that she makes me think of Mary or Ruth or women I met in Jordan a few years ago. The mood is really wonderful.


Teresa, thank you so much. I love what you wrote, a peace about her.. I like to see it like that too :-) She is strong and calm, and will manage. Hence the peace, I think.. Gosh, I wish I was a bit like her :-))))))) Thanks again ♥


She is lovely, whoever she is. There is a peace about her, and a purpose. You are so talented, Maddie! (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Hahaha, MJ, no, this is not me.. But who she is, I don't know. On the other size, some people think she is Mary. The picture has a Biblical thing, even I can see that. Which was not my intention.. Thanks!

Hi Jaggededge, actually it isn't, but you can see her like you wish.. Thank you


This is a depiction of Mary Magdalene, is it not?

is this you Maddie?...or if not...where is she off too? someplace special I hope :)

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