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Barred Owl

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It is common for us to hear barred owls calling in our neighborhood. The past few years, this one has been enjoying a bare oak limb right at the edge of my yard. I hope he is keeping the moles and copperheads in control. This photo was snapped with my Samsung S23 right through my kitchen window.
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  1. PaxLab3:03
  2. fern565:42
  3. mariaanna6:02
  4. prinzz6:17
  5. dellee016:45
  6. dustydog8:48
  7. Fluffy459:40
  8. Chris4012:04
  9. heidinka1412:25
  10. bullamac16:33


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No sign of a mate?


That sounds nice, dustydog! I always thought I was lucky to see and hear these amazing creatures, so I will join you in doubting the omen.


When I lived out in the country, I had a Great horned owl that hung around in a big ol' tree in my back yard. "They" say that they are bad luck, but I doubt it.


Thank you! I didn't notice how his markings mirror the bark of the tree so nicely, before I looked more closely at the photo. Mother nature knows what she is doing!


From your window! A fascinating image in only a few colours and textures. I would love to see an owl in the wild.

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