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In Quebec City, Quebec

The "L'Homme-Rivière" ("The River-man") monument.
In 2002, a memorial was unveiled on Sainte-Anne between the Price Building and its right-hand neighbour (67–71 Sainte-Anne Street, a set of rowhouses). The memorial (Mémorial Price) is in the form of a sculpture, entitled "L'Homme-Rivière" ("The River-man"). It was sponsored by the CDP and the Virginia Parker Foundation, and designed by Quebec City artists Lucienne Cornet and Catherine Sylvain.

L'Homme-Rivière is a statue representing a log driver at work. Its location, in a tight space between two tall buildings, gives the sculpture the appearance of travelling down a river gorge. L'Homme-Rivière is highly dynamic, and has been described as looking as though it is about to spill onto the sidewalk. The log driver is a symbolic figure in the history and culture of Quebec.

The Log Driver's Waltz
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Thank you Bubble. I'm glad you like the sculpture and the folk song. : )


This is just great Cathy, we have quite a few similar sculptures in Victoria, the song is so evocative of Canada, just love it. (❀ᴗ❀)


That's a good memory JM. : )

Thanks Lorna. I'm glad you like the photo and the song! : )


Great sculpture - and a fun, (new to me) song! Thanks for the education Cathy ☺


I used to watch the logs on the river :-)


Thanks JM. I like it too and now I will be singing it for the rest of the day. Sigh.


I love that song ♪

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