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Three Spheres A Rolling

45 pieces
90 solves
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Kittenlove, the little girl pup went to JavaSage (Libby) on here. Libby named her Callie Lou and she also gave her a Jigidi puzzle page all her own!!!! You can follow her still if you look up Callie_Lou

I love your ideas to use them a decorative door knobs and such. They would make pretty cabinet or drawer handles too. I will put you down for another 12 LOL


Canoekaw, were they hard little candies and in the shape of squares?


Mimi, I am so glad you found you way over here!!!!! Callie Lou is a winner for sure as is Libby :-)


PJ, thank you for such a glowing compliment my dear :-)


Bookish, glad you enjoyed this one too :-)


Roerick, I feel your pain from switching from a Mac to a PC LOL I worked for several years with my Mac desktop and then decided to go with a laptop PC. I could always edit photos better with my Mac. Hang in there with the PC and you will get the hang of it too!!!!! If I can do it, I know most certainly you will too!!!!!! If I were still playing with photography like I was, I would still be editing the photos on the Mac, but with creating kaleidos I am getting the hang of it with the laptop. Feel free to shoot me a question if you have any and I will see if I can help :-) Don't forget to let me know when you post your first puzzle, ok?


Kirsten, I saw your comment you left me over at your place and guess what, you finally got through my thick skull how to resize!!!! LOL I managed to accompolish it this afternoon, and all thanks to you my dear :-) Glad you enjoyed this one too :-))))))))))

Thank you again Kathy. I still say they would make great door knobs in my house. But this one would make a beautiful low chair rail in the dinning room, maybe even the bath. Different !
How are our favorite puppies doing ? I miss (or missed) their posts.


Remember that oldfashioned Christmas candy?


This is exquisite. I'm new to your puzzles, Callie Lou introduced me, and I really like them! Thanks!


Kathy, I love it - composition, colors, idea. Wonderful.


Kathy, I thoroughly enjoyed solving this lovely. Thanks. (2:57)


Kathy, again your creations are devine. i always wait for yours, randomworship, and Jawz to appear and do those first.
I'm having a problem creating--I just replaced my Mac with a PC AND HATE it. There are so many things I could do with the Mac that I can't or haven't figured out how to do on this but I'll keep plugging along and let you know when I actually creat one that I'm happy with--I can promise they won't look like yours.


Oh Kathy! I just replied to you over at my place, where you were telling me about your woes with the four spheres and the resizing. I'm sorry you are having problems with it. Although, I have to say, if this is what the result was, I'm all for your problems!! LOL. It's gorgeous!!! I adore it. Thanks so much for your gorgeous creations. :)))


Thanks both of you!!!!!! I had a heck of a time with this one LOL I started out trying to get four spheres into one puzzle. I have been experimenting with resizing puzzles and let's just say there are going to be lots more experiments before I get that technique down pat LOL I kept piddling with this one and finally ended up with something quiet unexpected LOL So glad that you guys liked it. Always a pleasure to create something and it bring enjoyment to others. Thank you again!!!!


Three beautiful spheres!! I just love the colours of all three - thanks Kathy.


Kathy, I love the colors and blurred effect for the background contrasting with the crisp, colorful spheres in the foreground. And what beautiful designs they contain! You did a great job composing this, and I wanted the solve to last much longer. Fun!