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It's the First Day of Spring! (BOARDS)

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Am looking forward to flowers in church this morning-Thank you for your beautiful ones. Enjoyed solving. Have patience everyone-SPRING is on its way! DIANE FROM N.J.


I gather that you liked this one, Pat! THANKS SO MUCH!


LOVE IT...LOVE IT ...LOVE IT ... Thanks Jan


Rosie and PJ - We really DO need to get this Spring thing going! If not in our regular lives - then in our Jigidi lives! Thanks so much for all your comments! You guys are great!!


Oh Jan - so lovely - and I can dream on for a month or two.... Very nice to see flowers on Jigidi though :-)


These are so beautiful and I wish they were growing in a garden around me right now but, alas, they are not. I love those lavender bells and the orchids are some of my favorites and the little rabbit is precious, thanks for including him. Another incredible Jiggyboard. Rosie


Well Edie, that is an orchid on the left.......the rest are up to you! LOL Thanks so much!! :D

John - Thank you! I'll be gone on Easter, so I thought I'd sneak him in!

Hester - Well, it was identified as "flower, red curly" I am sure that will help! LOL
And, we don't have these around YET either! :D

Sissel - You are SO welcome. Thank you.

Hanne - You show lovely flower pictures all the time. And yours are in their natural environment. I am glad you like these!!!

Pat - I know, it's frustrating, isn't it. I see some daffodils occasionally...... Thanks so much!


Beautiful flowers! Now I just need the snow to melt so I can see them someplace other than Jigidi. Sigh......................... :-)))))


SOOOOO looovely, Jan!! Thanks so very much, it's quite overwhelming really!! - but beautiful!!


Lovely - thanks :-)


The spring is sprung, the grass is riz,.... yeah, well we can all dream, and this gives us something to dream about! If anyone can tell me what that wacky pink and white flower is I'd be grateful. Somehow though, I can't see it being suitable for UK climate :-(

Thanks Jan for this taste of what's to come....eventually! :-)


Great picture beautiful flowers spotted the rabbit thanks jb:)))


Now if you could just add the names of these beauties it would make them easier to shop for. Just kidding Jan. Almost missed the little Easter bunny. Great boards, thank you.


Hi PurlingPony! I see you are relatively new on Jigidi. Welcome! And thank you so very much. What a sweet thing to say about the puzzles. Happy Spring to you and I hope your weather reflects it! :)

JC - So sorry about the stormy weather. We have rain, rain, rain. But after the thunderstorm, we may have clearing weather for the end of the week! Glad you liked the puzzle.

Ank - You noticed the little Easter symbols! I'm so glad! Thank you, my friend!

Ardy - Now, let's just hope that we get to see a few more of these around. Most of the Spring flowers I've seen have been in the garden centers!


Thank you, Jan, for including my bells in the BOARDS. 2:47 didn't make the top ten but I was enjoying the flowers instead of hurrying. A really beautiful tribute to spring. Thanks for a delightful puzzle.


And Easter is also there, love this Spring boards, thanks Jan.


Beautiful puzzle, Jan! Thanks!
It turned cold here, again! It was below freezing and a 10mph north wind when I was taking pictures of the sunrise. Another "winter" storm is due tomorrow. We could get a little or a lot of snow. Spring will be delayed here. LOL!


so pretty, thank you!! I love all your puzzles, don't know if I've told you that before :-) Happy Spring to you!!


You are so very welcome, Bizarra! I'm glad you liked them!


Amazing picture!! thank you