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Happy Easter to My Jigidi Friends!

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The image in the center was used to make all of the surrounding Kaleidoscopes. I won't be here for Easter, so I am wishing you Happy Easter now!
See you in a couple of weeks! Jan


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Very colorful. Was watching a Cadbury commercial last and wondered, where does the rabbit get all the eggs?


Lovely puzzle to look at and solve. Enjoy your Easter vacation/anniversary celebration.


Lovely puzzle, Jan - wish you all the best,


And a Happy Easter from me too! Don't let your choccy eggs melt in that Caribbean sun!! ;-))


Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter. Enjoy all of that time in the sun for all of us who will be wishing we were there too. Have a wonderful time with hubby. Thanks for all you do for us. Rosie


Thanks Katie! We plan to sail, sun, waterski, scuba, snorkel and enjoy WARM weather. I can't wait!!

Edie - that's why I made it in so few pieces. I hoped it would be a bit easier!
Thank you so very much!!


Very tricky to solve Jan. I guess it's because they're all made from the same image. Lots of fun. Thanks and enjoy your vacation.


Thanks so much Jan! Happy Easter to you too, my friend! And happy anniversary too! Have a most wonderful time with hubby on your trip!