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Nosy Neighbors

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Those of you who have ever shared a residential house with neighbors may well understand this scene. A lovely lady has just left an apartment and is now climbing the stairs while her neighbors seem all too eager to learn about her encounter with the man whose tie was caught with the door.

Artist Anna Sadowska says, “I began my adventure with art at the end of my university years. I chose mathematics as my main career and for years I worked as a tutor teaching numbers. But mathematics gave me more than just a successful professional experience. It gave me clarity and discipline which helped me to become a better artist.

I started with dry pastels and crayon drawings gradually improving my technique through a series of workshops and courses. Later I discovered watercolors and ink etchings which were the first works that I decided to present to a broader public.

I finally experimented with sculpture, painting on silk and porcelain, but it is oil and paining on canvas that remain my favorite medium and passion.

Figurative painting is the result of my many life experiences and observations. The subjects of my works often depict events from everyday life, true stories told by my dear friends and humorous situations that I notice around me.

Drawing and painting have always been my way of sharing joy and humor with others and I hope that after visiting my gallery, you will enjoy it too.”


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I rarely comment but I have to say this was the most enjoyable puzzle I've ever done and I absolutely love the painting by Anna. The colors are so bold and vibrant, the topic so amusing, and if you had to put a face/body to nosy - this is it! Fantastic fun!!


Lol, just look at these nosey biddy's! I guess there is a little bit of nosiness in all of us though. Great puzzle. Many thanks, Sue P.