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Delft bell pull - thread count embroidery

35 pieces
48 solves
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This was supposed to be a bell pull. The designer who was redoing the bedroom suggested doing it horizontally to hang above the bed. Since each tile was square that was no problem. When it was completed she mounted it on velvet and hung it between two white decorative poles over the headboard.
To see bell pull in sections, please check my profile page.


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No need to apologize Dagmar, I'm glad when you have the time to pop over at all. Delighted you could enjoy these sections and the whole. It's hard for me to get back in the routine after a vacation. I think I'm about ready for a permanent one. Thank you. So good to "see" you here.


I'm always apologising for getting late everywhere, but finally I made it just in time to do all your last work together and instead of writing you all over the place, I'll do it it here at the end of the series. :))

Thanks for a lovely morning fun with all your wonderful scenes of life in old Holland. I'm sure life was much simpler then, not easier just simpler. Sometimes I really wish it could be like this again. :))
I love to see your needlework Ardy, how many hours have you spent creating these beautiful pieces of artwork. :)) I agree with your designer, it looks just perfect hanging over your bed.


You're welcome, Francine. I thought our designer had a great idea. Thanks for coming by.


Lucky you, Ardy. You get to see this every morning upon getting up. Very attractive and innovative way of displaying the tiles. Thanks for sharing with us. (2:11)


Thanks Jan. I love 5 stars. And I love it that you are one of them. If these hadn't been squares it wouldn't have worked. I had already started the first one when the designer saw it and knew what we wanted it for. She was trying to fit it into the whole design of the room and wondered if it would work. I had to remove the stitches for most of the first one and redo it but I thought it turned out quite well.


Ank, I'm happy to have your star there instead of mine. I won't try again as I might knock off Elfie and I'd rather have her star than mine too. Thanks for coming by.


Ardy - this is just beautiful as a whole. What a clever way to hang it. And, it looks perfect above the headboard of your bed. Wonderful! thanks so much! 5-stars


This is real nice Ardy. Normaly I'm later visiting you, but as I said yesterday I could not wait to see it. I like it very much. I put a star on the board, but I'm afraid an other is off, so you have to give it an other try and come on again.


You're very welcome, Barb. I had forgotten about this although I see it every day. But when you asked me if I had any more I did remember it. That's the end of the special deliveries. At least for now.


Looks lovely over the bed, Ardy. And you have a 4-star puzzle here too. :-)))
Thanks for alerting me.


Thanks Pat. I love a starry board.


Hanne, Look at you on the board!!! Ahead of me. Great. Glad you enjoyed it.


Love it ..


Indeed, it looks FINE, Ardy! Thanks so very much!!!