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A Perfect Sunset

35 pieces
233 solves
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Well I hope I get to see 1 of your sunsets soon, JC!


It's funny you ask. Most of the time we have nice sunsets but mediorce sunrises. Then as soon as I vocalized that statement, it goes backwards!
I am in a good location for viewing both and usually am out with the dogs waiting with my camera.


Thanks JC. I always see your you get pretty sunsets too?


Pretty sunset, Susie!


Good luck with the work and the timeline, Milady! Hopefully things will go smoothly and you'll be able to have more fun in the coming days. I've done some of Aishah's puzzles, and vice versa. Good stuff. We'll be thinking about you and cheering you and your perseverance on!! :oD


Peaceful and serene.

I'm not - have a lot of work to get done on a timeline. Won't be jigging as much. I am in the middle of a puzzle that aishahm gave me - looooong for me - but having fun. aishahm has many black and whites and great patterns. Solvers seem to be able to whip through them - NOT ME. But, when not working, I shall persevere.


Thanks Silver! And excellent time up there!! :oD


Your title says it all. Lovely.