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Texas Time

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Central Time Zone in Austin and Mountain Time Zone in El Paso..........


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80 miles east of Houston, TX; 40 miles west of Louisiana (rather not specify).


Yep, Longview girl here, too. But after living in other several other states and Texas regions, I'm back in East Texas...Lake Palestine! A full circle. Love the Chicago/Brownsville/Amarillo story. It's closer to visit family in Georgia or family in Illinois before El Paso. It's a prettier drive, too. Thank goodness they raised the speed limits!


Reminds me of the Texan who was bragging to a Down Easter (person from Maine) about the size of his ranch. "Why," he said, "I can get into my car in the morning, and it takes 6 hours just to drive all the way around my ranch!" "Ayuh!", the Down Easter said, nodding knowingly. "Got a car like that myself!"


And where in East Texas...I'm originally from Longview, though I live in South Texas now.....


There is a story about a company who's headquarters were in Chicago with offices in Brownsville and Amarillo....Apparently there was a problem in the Amarillo office and the Chicago office contacted Brownsville to check into it....Brownsville responded, "if you will check, you're closer than we are".... sure enough, Chicago was.

If I read this correctly, you're saying that Texas is a BIG state, huh? Yes, I know, I live here (smile).
My husband and I took our children on a trip to California. We drove from southeast Texas, near the Louisiana border, and drove 12 hours before we reached El Paso.