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There is no such place as "Upstate" New York. :)

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LOL That sounds about right, PDV!


What would we call that state--the state of confusion? (If we're being kind...!).


We should herd them all together into one state and let them duke it out.


I fear there are always politicians :)


Very well said! If it weren't for the politicians NYS would be the best place on earth.


I also recall that cover pdev. We live in such a diverse state, it is a shame that all many people associate it with is New York City. We have the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, we have beautiful waterfalls, lakes and rivers that are perfect for recreation . Our farms produce an abundance of fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. Wineries in the Finger Lakes and on Long Island produce fine wines. You can hike, ski (water and snow), swim in the ocean or lakes, sail, fish, garden. You can camp under the stars with no one around or stay in 5 star hotels. You can eat from little roadside stands, or dine in fine restaurants. If you want culture there is no end of museums, concerts, theaters and other such venues.
New York State has a lot to offer.


Definitely not...


I remember that picture, pdevredis. It seems the perception hasn't changed.


I'd always been told that "Upstate" was anything north of "The City" and Long Island ...


These comments remind me of the Steig (Stieg?) New Yorker magazine cover with a cartoon of a map of NYC and beyond, where everything west of the Hudson River was just about nothing but a vast wilderness with maybe a city or two and a few mountains...!


I grew up in the southern tier area and to us anything outside of NYC was upstate.


I live in IL right across the river from St. Louis. People often ask 'Oh,from Chicago ?" Cracks me up every time.


I have to be honest, I hadn't either, but the rest of them I know. I thought of that area as "Upstate," too. It seems most poeple from NYC think of everything North of them as Upstate, as does most of the country. When I say I'm from NY State everyone assumes I'm from the City. Couldn't be more wrong.


I live in Westchester, and I always think it's hilarious when people from Long Island (where I grew up) tell me I live in Upstate New York! I'm an hour drive from NYC--there's a heck of a lot more "state" "up" from me!

I must admit that I've never heard the term "North Country" for NY. That's what I think of as upstate...


Don't get me started! lol


Yes there is such a thing as upstate New York. It may not be on the map, but it's real. I know because I am from northern NJ and went "ustate New York" all the time! Ha ha.