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Christmas, 2012

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The Santa was a gift from my daughter one year, the blue striped ornament was one that my husband's mother had on her tree, and the drop ornament to the right was from our first Christmas tree.


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Thanks so much!


Thank you, Jacque.


nice one Rose!


I always appreciate your posts PD.

I read what you say in response to comments in yours, and in others puzzles, and so admire your gift of writing. I recently shared something you had written in Jigidi about gun control in my local paper, but in my own words. Thank you giving me another way of expressing that issue. ; )


I also have ornaments that were on my childhood trees, and I've given a few of them to each of my grown children--the memories are getting handed down through the years and generations..... I also have many from our first trees, plus ones the kids made, and each year it's a special joy to bring them out once again. Thanks for the lovely photo, and your description, roseheather!


Thank you, puzzaddled and buckeye. I do appreciate the ones that were my husband's mother's. She was a special mother.


Thanks so much for sharing some of your special ornaments! I'm lucky enough to have some from my grandmother and my mother. And I add at least one new one to my collection every year.


More lovely ones on your memory tree. We don't have much in the way of ornaments from prior to our marriage so seeing ones like the striped ball that come from a different time and generation is such a treat. Years ago I was able to find glass balls that were re-issued and in a facsimile of the original packaging so that we can almost pretend that they have been around that long. I was given one funny little pipe-cleaner Santa from my aunt that made me cry when I opened it. I recognized it from my grandparent's tree when I was little and my father (the eldest) said that it had been on their tree his whole life. Such a simple little thing but the memory of my grandparents whenever I unwrap him every year is precious. We too have a couple of items from our very first tree, when we didn't have much on the tree at all. They now get pride of place near the top of the tree! Thank you for sharing your memory tree Rose; it evokes memories in me too!