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Palm Tree

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Park and Tilford Gardens
Yes, I know February is the wrong month to take pictures of gardens. These are the "before" pictures. I'll go back in the Spring/Summer and show you the "after" pictures.


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Thank you Jim. Yes the little south west corner of Canada including Vancouver & Victoria has a climate that is not typically Canadian. Quite temperate. Paradise!? I'm not sure I'd say that. But there are definitely lots of pleasant moments.

Thank you Ank. I like the palm trees too. Wow! Our crocuses are not up yet. You are having a very early Spring.


A lovely photo, I like the palm. I had my first crocus today in my garden, very small and yellow. Much to early. Thanks Cathy


Beautiful, Cathy! Palm trees in Canada! Sounds like paradise!


Thank you Lorna. Yes, sometimes when there are no flowers you notice other beautiful things.


Attractive gardens, even in February!