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No one makes this bed until my nap is over!

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Thanks JetMech7! Same to you also!


Happy Valentines Day Carol


Hi Jetmech7.....Thanks for your kind words. I agree the some of the best times of my own life was
the 32 years being a Navy wife.....good time, bad times, highs, lows and always something of interest. My son still says what you just did........the military gave him the trade that now supports him and his family nicely. Yes, I learned the work "avatar" here also!


Carol , I'm sorry to hear that your husband has passed. He's a hero in my eyes.
I only did 4 years but I think military and probably always will. Some of the best times in my life was in the Air Force and it gave me a trade too. I still keep in contact with buddy's in Texas , Oklahoma, Washington State, Missouri, Louisiana and Maine.
When I read your comment on Flkatz's page then went to yours and saw that beautiful white kitty, your avatar, I just learned that word a couple of weeks ago, it looked just like the eyes of the kitty in my puzzle so I had to mention it to you. Have a good day. Jim


Hi Jetmech, what a lovely message you left. I will check out the white kitty in the snow on your page! Husband passed away several years ago. His uniform was cremated with him. He was
a military man to the core. I don't think he ever got over being retired from the service?


Go ahead make the bed, no one will see me here as I blend right in , besides I like it under the covers. Have you seen the white Cat on my site walking toward the camera in the snow?
Yes I was at Clark for a little over a month on an Air Force exercise .
Your husband, wow 32 years as a Mech. and he really had a great CO to fly him over to see your son, that was something really special and it choked me up.
Mount Morris is about 120 miles from where I live , a good friend of mine (Tom Warner) is from Mt Morris , we worked together at Willow run Airport in Ypsilanti Mi. I was the best man at his wedding that was in Detroit, his new father in law was a retired Navy Commander. I didn't know if I should salute him or not, that was 25 years ago. He's in St. Louis now but we still keep in touch. Tell your husband and son thanks for their service to the country and thank you for all your worrying about them when they were away .God bless you and God bless our troops.


.....would somebody please switch off that light!!:))


Tisket seems to have given up sleeping on our bed in favour of the radiator bed, until we go to bed of course, then we have to share. But when it comes to putting clean sheets on she's first in line to "help" :D
Sleep well Payton, practice every day.


Hey! Payton has to store up those "z's" in preparation for the SuperBowl . . . he WILL be watching and rooting for the Seahawks again, won't he, Carol66? He could be their lucky charm, you know. Shhhhhhh.


I don't blame him....he's so comfortable!


He thinks he is the Paul Newman of the cat world and who am I to challenge him?


Payton is the Paul Newman of the cat world!


that bed looks SOOOOO comfy! for me, not the cat.


Of course not Payton!! We can see who is boss in your house... :D


LOL ;) That made me smile as my cat Milly always does this & then when she wakes she takes great delight in helping me make the bed ........... needless to say it takes me ages, but I wouldn't have her any other way :))))


You have to be careful where you sit around here Annetta!


White on white! Nice photo!