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Overstuffed Swirl (Smaller)

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129 solves
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There was very little turkey (jessica didn't cook the meat dishes--she's a veggie), but lots of ham and dozens of side dishes. jessica asked what we wanted for leftovers, and the only thing we asked for was enough turkey to make ourselves a sandwich, and we got a dozen different foods, but no turkey, even though she did tell the person doing the packing.... Oh, well... so I bought a couple of legs to roast tomorrow for Bob--that's the only meat he likes--and well see how that works out...


Where's the drumstick?


Thanks so much, Barb, Jan, and PJ--sorry it took so long to reply again, but I think I had a wee bit of a relapse, maybe from the fun, frivolity, festivity, and feasting yesterday! All I wanted to do was nap...and nap some more...!

I'm glad you like these embellished swirls--and yes they do use leftovers--all the extra patterns are from my older puzzles that were already posted! It's true to the spirit of Thanksgiving food "recycling"! LOL!


Pat , it's a wonderful puzzle. I remember overstuffed hangover from Thanksgiving - but this swirl is just great fun. (Did you stuff it with left-overs?)


Pat - I think it adds so much to the puzzle when you add the brightly contrasting patterns to the swirl. I absolutely LOVE it. This is such a fun puzzle to solve. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks so much!

And, Barb's right - It's Hayley!


It's funny, I was so busy studying the pic on the WAI game that by the time I typed in Hayley Mills, you had beaten me to it. LOL


Methinks you're right--I had a little too much of EVERYTHING! Thanks, Barb! And I'll go check the Froggie one--I guessed four, so I'll see which one you agree with!


Methinks someone may have had a little too much turkey. :-))
Good one, Pat. By the way, I'm 99% sure you guessed correctly on the Who Am I game this morning. :-)