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Bird Theme - Peacock Feathers!

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This is a closeup of the tail feathers on the peacock that preened and posed in front of us everyday in Jamaica. You may remember a puzzle I posted of the whole bird! LOL


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Diane - what a wonderful compliment that is! Thank you!!! I hope you have a ball!!! :D


Well,Jan, I am going to go to your site and do many of your puzzles-they look incredible to me. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


That's so funny, Rosie! Right as you enter our home, I have a tall vase (waist high) with lots of pretty curly willow and a few (sad looking) "silk" berries. I think the peacock feathers idea would be much better! Thanks for sharing. :)
(I ADORE curly willow)


I love peacock tail feathers. They are so beautiful. I think having one or a group of three in your home brings you good luck but I'm not sure anymore. Will have to check. I have three with some curly willow in a tall vase on the floor next to the umbrella stand as you come into my home and they look so pretty there.


Francine - That silly, vain peacock gets ALL the credit. Thanks so much!


Simply gorgeous colours and design. Thanks, Jan.


Pat, JC, Ardy and Hester - Yes, this lovely tail was part of that show-off peacock we saw everyday in Jamaica. I am so glad you all enjoyed the puzzle.

SHeidi - I am in Oregon. Are you sure you mean me? (My husband lived in Louisville AGES ago)
Love your new profile picture!


Was this the tail piece of your Jamaican peacock, Jan? It's made a great puzzle! :-)))


Fantastic time, KYwoman. Where in KY are you? I'm in central KY, 6 miles from Abe Lincoln's birthplace.


Beautiful, Jan. All those eyes. Thanks for a great theme puzzle.


Beautiful feathers and puzzle, Jan! Thanks!


Peacock feathers are so pretty ...Thanks Jan