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Spring Comes to the end of my Garden (NW Kent/SE London)

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I've just read my comment - where did the word 'kiss' come from??? I love predictive text on the Mac !!! LOL!!


I'll send you the whole lot FedEx!! We are supposed to get 46f this weekend...all relative so I suppose it will be a heat wave - please send your 80's


You'll probably hate me for saying it, but I'd be delighted! We've already been in the 80s this week, and I dream of snow like this! I know you're sick of it, and I feel for you. Wish you could send it here...well, for a little while! Thanks, Brie, nice photo.


Oh it was - great big wet dollops but it has settled and now, being dark and the kiss clear, it has turned to ice...not good.


Strange days, indeed. Brie!! Looks like the wet heavy stuff!