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Pretty funny-looking legs, if you ask me, Mary! And you're welcome, Mary and Kirsten.


I love this Gail!! The colours, pattern and framing are fabulous! Thanks so much. :)))


I think I see legs with pick socks on them sticking out from the center! LOL 5:35 Thanks, Gail!


Thanks, Deborah. Catherine emails them to me because when I tried to enlarge them from the thumbnail, it came out horrible. Things will work out, I just don't know how at the moment.


I'm going to have to sign off now...TIRED! Get some sleep as soon as you can! Please! And I believe that everything will work out for you, whatever that may be.


Yep, just for me. I be smiling about that!

I've done the same thing with Rob's pics. I just have to find a larger size to make the puzzles that I do work. She doesn't mind me "borrowing" from her.

I'm not familiar with her work as I usually don't do large puzzles, but I'll have to check them out.


Good for you to be on the board, at least temporarily. These were all made from some images that I asked Catherine (contomiani) to email to me. They were puzzles she originally posted that I blended. If you look at some of her puzzles, you can tell how colorful they'd become as kaleidos.


This makes me kinda dizzy...round and round and round...LOL Not fast, but I did break the 6 minute barrier with your puzzles! (Which I don't do very often) What do you make these from Gail?