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Sunday's Flower

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Hi, Mariasha! Well, I was going so crazy not creating any puzzles that the other day I figured I'd create a few. My hand is still a wreck but not as bad as the day I had to stop. So I'm going to probably post a few in an hour or two.

Thank you for your kind words. :-)

I know this is a bit late, but I suddenly became acutely aware of your absence and had to go a ways back to get to your name, so I could find out what was going on. I'm sorry about your hand, I hope it heals and you are able to enjoy all that you wish to! I will miss your sense of humor, and your wonderful puzzles, and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all the ones I've had the great pleasure to play with! Be well!


Thank you, Francine. I sent your message on to Pat when I first saw it. I was a bit frazzled yesterday because of the noise from a chainsaw and chipper truck so I didn't say much of anything.

Thank you for the compliments and of course I think your creations show your talent as well. :-)

I may end up dabbling in photography and take pictures to post as puzzles. I'm still giving my hand a chance to heal first though. My hand is fine when I'm not creating's just the dragging and holding down the mouse buttons that kills I'm able to cope fine in 'real life.' Thank you for wishing me luck! Luck can be a very good thing to have. :-)


Wendy, firstly I left you a message on Pat's.

Have been preoccupied away from Jigidi and am catching up. I have noticed the absence of your creations because I checked daily. [Assumed you were busy elsewhere, until I read the comments.]

I am so sorry about your hand. I know how much you loved solving puzzles and love creating them. Your creations showed your talent and love of creating the images.

On the practical side, am also thinking of your daily routine and wondering how you're managing to cope with a bad hand. Wishing you lots of luck and hope somehow in the very near future something can be done to help you.


Oh, Hester, I am so glad that you posted here! I have been thinking about visiting you for quite some time now, but wanted to have some spare time when I could relax before doing it....seriously.
I haven't even checked to see if you've posted new puzzles yet because I wanted to take the extra time out to enjoy any new ones of yours. I'm going to solve the puzzle you posted right after I post this. You make me smile. :-)

And Hugs to you, Growly, and that feisty Freddy. :-)


Wendy, I can't tell you how sorry I am to read that last posting. Jigidy will be a much duller place without your wonderful, quirky creations. Hopefully you are still able to type and we can enjoy your company and witty conversation.
I tried yesterday to send you a small version of Freddy's Hallowene avatar but the spooks and gremlins wouldn't allow me! :-( So here, a day late , is our boy in his Hallowene finery!

Hugs from Hester's gang!


Mary, I've been dreading the day that my hand or my eyes gave out...and it appears that it's my hand that may kicked the bucket first. I don't know yet for sure. It's people like you though, who have made it so much fun to create puzzles. For now, I can at least support people who create puzzles...and have some fun that way. You'll have to make more puzzles! ;-)


Yes, Wendy, I knew it because it was one I pulled up as soon as I got back from the cruise and it was on a later page. I'm running a week behind on all solving because of the cruise.
Your hand must be worse than I thought. I hope you don't have to give up making puzzles, you're one of the best EVER at it! I can't imagine Jigidi without your wonderful puzzles. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. We care, whatever the outcome is.


Thank you, dear Mary. I'm not sure if you know this was made last Sunday or not. I'm seriously thinking that I may be done with puzzle creating.


Oh, the lovely Sunday Flower Dance, not to be confused with an end-zone dance and penalized! So bright for this sunny day! 3:34 Thanks, Wendy! I hope your hand is better now but it sounds like a longer recovery than we would like to see you go through! How about zero days to recover. For our Wendy, that would be too many! Take care!


Kathy, I posted it a month ago!
30 piece size:
80 piece size:


I love your avartar below!!!! Did you post it somewhere and I missed doing it????


Thank you, Kathy! "Great" is a strong word for this one, but I'll accept it even though I think you're being way too kind.


Great puzzle Wendy!!!!!! Thank you my dear :-)


Mandy, you are soooo right! It's absolutely a cocktail umbrella! I knew it looked out of place when I created it, but I figured the colors were bright....and bright colors seemed like the right thing to do. I'm glad your day was brightened up. :-)


Wendy, there is a cocktail umbrella stuck in your lovely flower!!! I wonder who was on the razzle yesterday??? Its definitely brightened up my day, thanks.


whatnauts, I love a very rainy day, but one after the other after the other is definitely wearisome. So this puzzle at least brightened your spirits a bit...which is a good thing, my dear. :-)

Ardy, that's quite OK. I was off all day too....and I think you already know that I won't be posting much of any puzzles in the near future because of my rotten hand...and one other reason.


Nice and bright, Wendy. I thought you were not going to post today or I would have told you that I was meetings friends for lunch and be gone until early afternoon. Thanks for the Sunday flower.


This is lovely Wendy - and definitely not too bright for my tastes. We've had more rainy days this past week than sunny. I guess I shouldn't complain after the dry year we've been having, but it's getting a little wearisome.


Thank you very much, PJ. It is a nice, friendly, sunny flower...and since it's a rather dreary day, I figured that it should be posted.


Nice, friendly and sunny flower. A fun puzzle to solve Wendy.


You're very welcome, Barb. It's too bright for my taste but when I need something to wake me up, I look at this kind of puzzle. For some weird reason it really does wake me least for a short time anyway. :-)


This bright flower will wake everyone up, thanks Wendy. :-)