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Glad I wasn't sitting on this bench

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Thanks, I will Barb. I have so many more pictures that I took but it's too time consuming to answer all the comments so I don't think I'll post for a couple of days after this. Just finished two loads of laundry and the dish washer is running so I'm making progress. Also just had a complete Christmas dinner with all the trimmings that Nicole dropped off on her way home.


I'm glad you weren't near this bench, Edie! And don't worry about puzzles or commenting. Do what's necessary and take care of yourself. :-)


Thanks Florrie. All my charges survived, maybe not in the conditions they are accustomed to but they are alive. Heating water for their morning mash and keeping water available for them to drink was a real challenge. Now my youngest and OH are coming back tonight so I must try and make this house look liveable again. Puzzles will have to wait.


I'm fine Ardy. It isn't something I'd want to do too often for sure especially for 5 days and with such very cold temperatures. My avatar is me warming soup on the first day of the blackout.


Thanks Cinderfire. My OH and I were picking up branches on Sunday and moving them off the walkway but they were falling all around us and so we decided that it was best to leave them. Now they are frozen into the ice and can't be moved.


If I had had to be there I'd rather be under the bench!!! Ice is so dangerous. SO glad you are OK.


Haven't seen a winter with so many ice storms, Glad you were careful out there.


Thanks everyone. Most of these branches are from the big willow tree. They are notorious for breaking easily. I was inside when these came down Ank but there were still branches falling while I was taking pictures so I made sure not to stand under any trees :-)))


I hope you was inside. This does not look good.


Hard woods take a really bad beating when there is ice...


You'd have had a lapfull for sure!!


Your right!!! Thanks.