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Pretty in Pink

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Thank you so much zdrill for your lovely comment.

fun puzzle - thanks

Ha, ha, ha ... If I had known you were going to share this photo of me, I most certainly would have removed my curlers !!! LOL, wonderful spirit lifter! Thank you. My admiration also to Dclo and everyone else on the leaderboard, you all are awesome in completion time.


You are so welcome Ruby ♥ Haze

Sorry Haze ... forgot to thank you for the lovely comments again. x

Sister-in-law goes under the name of AVYANN. x


Hi Ruby. I will be doing the rest of your puzzles now that I know. I love the dogs oh yes! Beautiful! Love everything about your page. Your sister-in-law goes under what name? Let me know so that I can give her support as well. Thanks for always turning up Ruby and commenting. I am very grateful for your support and I give you a big thank you. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ♥ Haze

I feel honoured and privileged that you visited my site Haze. Did you like our two babies (Rough Collies)? And my classic Triumph Dolomite Sprint car??? Really glad you are enjoying my puzzles as much as I enjoy yours. My sister-in-law AVYANN puts some really good puzzles on Jigidi too. Speak tomorrow probably. x


Thanks for a great puzzle Ruby. It was kind of tricky and I liked that. Have a good day! Haze


Just born that way! :-))))

OMG Nana1932!!! I can't believe the likeness between our lady in pink and your photograph. Fabulous. Just love it!! Thank you so much ... had a good laugh. You are amazing.


Looks like me in the mornings - "o.k., I'm up; what's next?"
That's what happens to senior citizens over 84 (me), ha, ha.
Thanks for posting this adorable "look-a-like". :-)

I just loved the slippers Avyann!! Thanks for your comments Bekkabee and Avyann. I can't stop laughing either. Just love this site!

Don't need two guesses as to who this is supposed to be ruby4 & suzyblue!! I haven't stopped laughing at this, soooooo funny, love it!

LOL !!!

Hey ... love your comment PBandj. That has to be what this lovely lady said!!

Okay, who has the key to my front door? LOL...this is hilarious, thank you for sharing.