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Neon Fractal KaleidosBOARDS!

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Rosie - I used the shiny parts of a true fractal image and then went to town on the kaleidomaker and amped up the color and definition a bit! I am so glad you like these. I do, too!
Never worry about"being late." It's the story of my puzzle life! LOL


I love, love, love these boards. They are wonderful kaleidos, each and every one of them, but they glow NEON!!!!! How did you do that and why didn't anyone else see that? Sorry I'm late to the party but there are so many to do every day that I find my self playing catchup. The puzzles, learning how to make them, the forum, I spend hours here at this machine. Enough--I must immerse myself in that glorious puzzle. I hear it calling.


Thank you so much, Pat!

Jim - they really do! Thank you!


They look like chamelion eyes.


Love it thanks Jan


PJ - that you so very much! I am glad you really like these! :D

Katie - You clearly had fun! That makes me smile! Thanks.

Pat - You picked the two that were from a different image. I agree with you completely. Thank you so much!!


WOW! I love the way they are both incredibly bright and amazingly detailed, especially the first and fourth! Love them, Jan! :-)))


Oooh! These are outstanding Jan!


Oh, Jan - I just see lovely patterns, beautiful colors - and another of your boards puzzle to love.


WOW - Hester - I LOVE that description! Great fish, great description!

Edie - Oh well, I will comment on that when I become perfect! LOL

Mariasha - Thank you so much. We do love those bright patterns, don't we!

Hanne - so glad you had time to visit after you very happy, but very exhausting trip! Thank you!


Ohhh they are wonderful!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

I liked the colors and designs so much, I had to come do the boards as well...thanks again Jan.


Not only do I flounder on these boards, now I can't even count. Said '7 boards' in my other comment.
LOL. Thanks for the fun puzzles.


WOW! What a blast of colour in these! 3rd and far right could be parrot fish eyes! This is a big smile maker, Jan! :-DD


Thanks, Ardy - At least, let's hope there is less aggravation and less to be done! :D

Mandy - Thank you so much! I love the pink hooves that's ALL that I can see! LOL


Gorgeous colours and shapes, thanks Jan
I see pink horses hooves in the first one, and avacado, all prepared and ready to eat, in the 4th, yum!


Beautiful, Jan. This is a great new beginning for a week. Thank you. Hope it's an easier one for you..