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From Borgholm Castle Ruin, Oeland, Sweden. See comment please.

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Indeed, Jo!! Thanks so very much!!


So finely preserved! Beautiful even in this condition!! Commands your attention!! :) :)


Oh yes, it's SO spectacular!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


What a pretty place! Thanks Hanne.


It was cold and rainy - we are rather late in October here and the wind came right in from the sea!! It was nice to come back to the car and put on the heating while we drove to somewhere else and found a place for the night. The gasheater is gorgeous!!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


You look well bundled up, Hanne. Thanks for sharing. You add such interesting comments. Thank you.


A very small glimpse shows that the castle is lying on the top of the island with a wide view to all sides - especially over the sea. When you walk next to it or stand in the middle of it it's a very, very huuuge building. Right down at the foot of this hill the Swedish King has a summer palace called Solliden. You are allowed to walk in the garden.