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Goofie: ...I know you can't resist when I look at you like this:)

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He followed every single move while my son ate his tuna sandwich!:)))

He did get some tuna in his bowl while the sandwich was being made!


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Zo vaak ben ik niet de hort op hoor Impie:-))) Alleen de eerste drie weken van september. En heel af en toe een dagje:-))))


Thanks Lynetteoz:)

Wow thank you Pammi:)

flkatz...thanks....I had seen them,whilst browsing through "most recent"... they're funny:))


Impie, want to see something really cute? Go to Pammi's puzzles and see the dog and cat, "don't let us get caught" and also the Cat's! They're so good! Enjoy~~~


Great portrait of Goofie :-)


Thanks Impie!


Goofie, you gorgeous bundle, I couldn't resist you under any circumstances.


Gelukkig schutkleur, ik had wel gezien dat je op de 29ste voor het laatst was gezien. Ik dacht dat je misschien weer de hort op was:)))


Heb jullie gemist.
Mijn modem begaf het begin deze week, heb vandaag een nieuw exemplaar aangesloten en alles werkt gelukkig weer!!!!


Schutkleur....wat denk je zelf??? natuurlijk is hij gezwicht voor dat bekkie, hoe zou je dat nou niet kunnen?:))


flkatz....let's forget it ever happened. When I said I couldn't wait to see a picture it was more of an expression, I didn't mean to rush you. I'm Dutch and sometimes it's hard to express in proper English.
I'm sorry you can't scan pics. I hope you'll find someone who can some day.. in the meantime you are welcome to solve my Goofie puzzles or just watch his photos.


Tisket...I like that too, but fish is my absolute favourite!:))

roseheather...this look make me melt too:))


En.. Goofie, heb je tenslotte toch nog wat gekregen van Bro?? Of was hij sterk genoeg om die schattige toet van je te weerstaan????


Aw, what an endearing look. ; )


Impie, i don't have a way to scan my pics, or I would, just so I could have a picture of Trix on my desktop..Again, I'm sorry...I look at so many pics of cats like her, I didn't know where I got the picture from, and if you look at it like yall do, I did not have permission.
You know you and I were talking a few days back, and you said you couldn't wait to see the picture, cause she also looked like Goofie, so I was just trying to show you. Boy! I'll not do that again, cause this has caused too much confusion! Puzzle has been deleted from my puzzles, and please let your friend know..


I sit in the kitchen and watch mum cut up fresh meat she's going to cook.
I can't wait so I get some that's raw, yummy!


Thank you aven:)

Better watch out Rebecca...before you know he lets everybody do what he wants....wait a minute...that's already going on:))))


Apology accepted.... I left you a comment at your Trix look-alike puzzle...


Impie, please see comments in my puzzles re: another Trix look-alike...thank you, and I do apologize. You know, when an animal leaves us, and we miss them so, and find pics that look like them, we capture the pics, and I did not realize that I'd gotten it from you or Bigie. Again, sorry! Friends???


Very interesting!


"You want to give me MORE tuna... moooore tuna!" He's becoming quite the hypnotist! :)


Love the pictures of Goofie :)