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Good Morning Thought

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My rainy view at 8:15 AM 02/06/2019


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Thanks Lorna .. Hugs

Good to hear you are starting to walk again, S .. Hugs

Jackie .. Busy day at my house .. Hugs

good after pat, hope your having a nice day. hugs!


good morning: Pat., i guess another week of recouping and i should be back to normal.. it is very close to doing so now. hope you are well and warm.


I send greetings from the hospital. I start walking slowly.


Good morning Pat!


Good morning madhat can't believe we are warmer than you .. It is 49 degrees with rain and fog .. Stay warm ..

Good morning Ardy .. We it started raining late yesterday and this morning we have fog along with the rain .. Not doing much today got all the shopping and other stuff done yesterday .. Hugs


Good morning, Pat. Sunny here now but rain in forecast for later. Good thought. Thanks. Have a good day and stay dry and warm,. Hugs.


Good Morning Jigidi Friends from cold Northern California. 33 degrees here with clear skies. Got a lot a snow and rain the last 4-5 days. Hope you are all staying warm and have a good day.


Good night LD .. Thanks .. Hugs


I believe so too Pat... Good morning!


Good morning Sandi we have 48ยบ F right now .. Stay warm .. Hugs


We have rain also and our temp is 33 degrees right now, so it is freezing on some surfaces already. Ugh. Have a good day, Pat! (((HUGS)))!