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Who Knew???

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Plenty of bubbles, a nice drink, good lighting, a locked door and a good book... preferably not from a Library (although it is also National Library Day today!!)

I tried to use pictures of real people who were reading in the bath, but the end results, although interesting, would probably all have needing posting with a filter... I decided on the above presentation instead... to save any blushes!!!


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Wendy, that's brilliant!! Does she look like a prune??? That long a soak every day cannot be good for her skin!! But that level of pampering must do wonders for her oxytocin (feel good) levels!! I know which I would prefer :~)


LOL whatnauts, I was trying to think of something we could do in the shower that was mentionable!!! Did you see PJs puzzle for National Library Day??? I used to spend all my days in a library when I was an impoverished student... it saved on the heating bills for my bedsit!!!


Mandy, my daughter takes an hour bath every single day, and every single day she reads a book during the entire hour. I'm not joking! She'll be very pleased when I tell her that it's a National Holiday. LOL


Hmmm, I don't think you should be encouraging me to sing!!! The reference to Library Day was good enough for me - I'm a big fan of libraries - at least good libraries.


I'll have to look out for a day involving showers for you, whatnauts I wonder if there is a sing in the shower day?? LOL


Bathing is not my thing, so I definitely won't be found reading there, but I'm sure there are lots who will be pleased to know they have their own day. Thanks, monza.


Barb - I've sent you a link to a private puzzle - see your most recent comments!!


... and perhaps some soft music in background? In the days that I soaked in baths, I sometimes read there (though only pocketbooks in case book got too close to suds). Cool puzzle. Thanks, Mandy. :~)


Such a great way to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon! I have a fabulous old enameled iron claw foot tub that is perfect for this. Although in the winter I have to warm it up first with a couple inches of very hot water before filling it up. Thanks for a wonderful who knew? puzzle Mandy!


Mandy - wow!!!!!!! Such a fun and delicate puzzle, the little bath duckies are so cute... and the cat too. Thanks for the info.
Well, you inspired me again - National Library Day. How can we combine use of the library and a bath (without soaking the books) ? - I found a solution in the library !!! And made a puzzle of it :-))


I hear you Pat... some households have a mini library in their bathrooms - in my experience it's the guys who use it the most though!! Glad you're enjoying these :~).


I don't like baths, but I love showers, so I'm with Magda about the reading! But, without going into details, the bathroom can still be a place to get a little reading done...! Love your "Day" puzzles, Mandy! :-)))


Thanks Ardy, I couldn't resist the cat!! I know showers are much more convenient, but a long lazy soak has its bonuses. I was very torn between posting this, or a Library Day puzzle, so I took the opportunity to mention both, I'm glad you appreciated that :~)


Thanks Magda, how wise you are, reading in the shower never works well!! I'm delighted to be amusing you :~)


I love your bathroom warning to your men Jaws!! I hope you got an uninterrupted saucing!!! Thanks for stopping :~)


Thanks Barb, I might put some together and post it privately for you, I'm not near my laptop currently. It's lovely you are enjoying the series, thanks.


Poor kitty. In my library at school there are two books, Stories To Read To Your Cat and More Stories To Read To Your Cat. I used to read in the bath a lot but who takes time for anything more than as shower now? Not me. Thanks for mentioning National Library Day. Thanks for the puzzle and your series, Mandy. I think what you are doing is great.


Oh, and I love your series, amusing !


No, reading in the bath-(room) is not my thing, because it is not very comfortable to read....while taking a shower. Would have made a nice photo though!!!


Just too dang funny!!! LOL I have been there and done that...thanks for reminding me, it's been a while. It's time to break out a good bottle of red wine and settle down in the bubbles! To hubby and son...sorry guys, the bathroom will be off limits until I'm properly pruned and sauna'd and sauced! LOL


It was very considerate of you to spare our blushes, Mandy, but I suspect some of us would have loved to have seen those images you originally had in mind. LOL
I really look forward each morning to what we'll be celebrating next. :-))