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Moochie, my tuxie cat

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How are you feeling these days? I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I'm hoping that next year will be a better year for you. For both of us, actually. I can't wait to get out of rainy Oregon and into sunny Florida.


I left you a message here:


Here's the link:


I love your photos of the zoo. All of them are stunning. I too have a yellow cat named Frankie, but he's a boy, and a big baby to boot. Thanks for your sentiments on one of my puzzles. I'm doing much better now, thanks. I left you a message on that puzzle.

I realize that the photos seem a bit sterile, but the easiest way to get a photo is when they are sleeping on the file cabinet in my office. I am usually there at the computer and the camera is nearby.

This one! Moochie is two years also. He and Nubbin are cousins and were raised together when Nubbin's mom was killed. Aby has never had a chance to be alpha cat. She was raised with Bengals and then when she came to me she was second to a very proud Siamese. Then came the kittens. With the loss of the Siamese, there was a reshuffle and Moochie has just recently become alpha. I also have a stray, a yellow cat, one color I have always loved, but she is very skittish and does not like her picture taken which is why she is not pictured. Her name is Frankie.


She looks so sure of herself. Pecking order wise out of all of your babies, who's the top cat?

Gemstone-Thank you!

Bajamama-Thank you!


I love Tuxedo cats, and this one is a beauty.

The Moocher says "Hi, Muskrat and Rocky!"


Muskrat and Rocky says Hi Moochie.


Moochie is a cutie!

Actually, Moochie is a she, and thank you. I think she is quite special!


Love tuxies... and he is especially cute.