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Dessert anyone? Decorated sugar cookies #2

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Funny frog faces???? LOL You've been here while I've been solving your DIFFICULT puzzles! Take pit on me!


Funny frog faces! Funny frog faces!


Thanks to all!!! Sugar cookies are a specific type of cookie. You make the dough and refrigerate it until chilled. Then you roll out the dough and cut out the shapes with cookie cutters. Some people sprinkle them with regular sugar or colored sugars and bake them. Others, like me, bake them, let them cool and decorate them with icing. Depending upon the recipe used, they will turn out somewhat crunchy or soft and chewy. Give me soft and chewy with icing any day...especially my mom's recipe!


These are really colourful!! Are Sugar Cookies special ones or just any iced cookie? We call them biscuits here - & I think what you call bisciuts we call scones!!! It gets a bit confusing :)))

Wow !! Looks like a 4 story cookie...too pretty to eat.


WOW! I've never heard of sugar cookies - but they look amazingly decorated! Thanks Deborah!