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Public Dog Shaming - #24 of 25

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I really loved theses puzzles -- they were very funny! Did you ever post # 25 of 25? I couldn't find it.


For my thirteenth birthday I was having my first boys and girls birthday party and my mom went to a fancy bakery to special order my cake. She picked it up and set in on the buffet in the dining room, still in it's bakery box, tied with string. We didn't have a dog then but our cat decided the box looked like a nice perch so he jumped up onto the buffet and I found him curled up on the collapsed box which now contained a crushed birthday cake. We put candles on the crushed cake because it was too late to replace it. Mom stopped me from crying and we made a funny family story of the event.


Hopefully the little girl forgave the dog. Also hopefully someone made the little girl another cake for her birthday. It would be a shame to make her wait another year for a special cake.

That's what I call a "poopy-dog"!
Poor baby. It sure tasted good, though.

I wonder if the 6 year old has forgiven the pooch yet.