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Just Watchin' the Corn Grow

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My front porch after a rain. Taken Sun, July 14, 2013 in Litchfield, IL.


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LJ, I thoroughly enjoyed the comments your lovely photo engendered. I also would love to hear more about the ministry you did in Africa. What country was that? Count me in for the gathering!!

We live on the edge of our town, too, but we don't have a view. The woods are behind our house. If we stand in the road in front of our house, though, we can see Lake Superior. Just barely! Thanks for sharing your miracle home with us.


That is a wonderful story Laura. You have indeed been blessed. You deserve it and I'm glad for you.


What a beautiful story!! Thank you for sharing that Laurajane! One of the secrets of happiness is having a grateful heart ... and you have that! Another is being 'others centered' as opposed to 'self centered' and your work as an emergency response worker shows that you have that too! And the most important of all is having a good relationship with God ... and you clearly have that too. So I am not a bit surprised that you have such joy in your heart !!!!


This house is a real miracle for me, Mimi. It's very small, but all mine! I was an overseas missionary for many years. I lived in a small room at our ministry when I wasn't overseas. I did that for 20 years. Well, my dad passed away in 1999 and left me a little money. The ministry was selling a little corner property, so when I got home from Africa, I knew that I was supposed to buy it. Then a friend of mine, who goes to my church and owns a consturction company, offered to build a little house on that lot. He and is sons built it and that is where I live now. I have never owned a house in my life! I am so amazed! Hardly a day goes by that I am not grateful for it.


Doggone, I missed the party. Can we have another one soon??? Lovely view, I mean the whole thing, porch and view from it!


Of course, Lorna. Glad to have you!


Lovely. Have you room on your porch for one more chair Laura please?


We are keeping your seat warm, Robyn. There are so many less hummmers this year. Don't know why. Many people are saying the same thing. But, I have a few and they are really fun!


This looks a nice place to sit Laura - I'm on my way!!! I'd love to see your hummers too!!


Oh sorry , Aggie, I read it wrong. I thought you said that it can't be a country view. And I was wondering how you could tell! Actually, this is the very edge of town, within the city limits. I thought, wow, Aggie has a way to know that this is not actually out in the country. Hahaha!


Thanks, Snooker and GardenMyst!
Lyndee, I am expecting you and John...pronto. I started counting, I am up to one.
Yes, it's humid, Madhat. What a good on the porch! Thank you.
Dondi, this rain was last Sunday. We could use another good rain again because it's getting dry.
Cathy, you can sit here and smell the rain all day! There's plenty of iced tea.
Yes, we need those chairs, warbler. Glad you are almost here. You will get dive bombed by hummers if you stand too close to their feeder.


I'm almost there and its a good thing I brought extra chairs. The hummers should be buzzing, too!


I love the smell after it rains!! Thanks for letting us visit for a while!


Ah, the pleasures of country life. Glad to see you have both rain and corn.


That is the best laurajane. It's gotta be pretty humid though. Perfect for a fan and some Iced Tea. Hot and Dry here in NorCal


Can I come sit a spell with you Laura? We'll sit and count the cars that go by.

A beautiful location, a lovely lawn and wonderful view.

Lovely view.


Yes, Morris, it surely is!

Oh yes, Roseheather, a party is definitley in the making! Are you coming?


: )

[I posted this in response to your title. Then I saw that a party was in the making. ; ) ]


Sounds very refreshing, Laura!


I will pour you a glass of tea, lovey and Beekay. Ready and waiting for you to pull up.


The hibiscus flower tea sounds just as delicious as that view!


That sounds like fun Laura!


You would be most welcome, Patrisha!
Morris, you can come down and sit here, too! I have a big pitcher of fresh lemon iced tea and another of Rosa de Jamacia (hibiscus flower tea).
Aggie, why can this not be a country view? I'm curious! You coming too, Aggie?


It does look like a nice spot to sit, Laura!


wish I was sitting there.