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Someone didn't sew these patches together very well [it's only fuzzy in the thumbnail] [PLEASE SEE COMMENT RE JIGIDI PROBLEMS]

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This puzzle was created from an image that Catherine (Contomiani) sent me. Many thanks to her for her incredible creativity.


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I thought this was one of the easier ones. Just sort by color and put together. Like painting with numbers...


Back to more complicated I see....I didn't even get close to the board on this one! LOL


This is very interesting. I logged off Chrome and went into Jigidi with IE. I was testing a puzzle and it worked fine. I backed out of it and noticed the ads on the right, so I realized I wasn't signed in. I did it a couple of times to prove that was it. When I'm signed in as o'mom or o'mom2, I can't solve any puzzles, but when I'm not signed in, I can. Oy oy oy, I'm going offline now. I have a Jigidi headache!


Robbie, I left you a message on one of your puzzles. I had forgotten you posted to this one. Thanks, Rob and Jan, and (Brad)Jan. My problem was not creating puzzles, but in solving any of them, including other people's puzzles. I re-downloaded Flash and it worked for a minute. Then I took a break, came back tonight, and it was not working again. Someone else suggested opening Google Chrome. That's what I'm working on now, and it seems fine. I like Internet Explorer 7, and don't see why it's not working or why I have to use Chrome. Is it a conspiracy??? It's odd that Stefan would say no one else was having problems. I'm going to email him and point him to this page.


Hi Gail - nice puzzle - thanks.
I've also had problems solving puzzles - before Christmas & 2 days ago. I emailed Stefan both times & I'm OK at the moment!! I couldn't even solve 2 of my own puzzles - it just froze when 'preparing puzzles' & I had trouble posting one today. I had to post it 3 times before it took!! Chookie & Robbos here in OZ have also had the same problems. It's sooo infuriating - I know how you feel!! It's the randomness of it that gets my goat up!! Here's hoping it comes good for you - I'll send some positive thoughts your way!!


Stefan said no one else had reported any problems.


Octomom, It happened to me once and could not move one piece nor could make any comments. It went away after the next day. Have heard of this before from either puzzeljac or pkins


No problems here solving. An occasional problem creating, which is solved by deleting the puzzle and recreating.

Great puzzle! Thanks, Gail!


Another enjoyable puzzle by the way, thanks.


Hi OM, quite a few people were having problems and notified S and M who said they were working on the problem. I had this problem before, emptied a lot of bookmarked puzzles and it was fine again. So far the new site has worked ok with me. PD had a real problem few days ago, you could probably get more info from her. Hope you're back on soon.


I've been unable to solve puzzles since last night. The same thing happened to me a few days ago, and Magnus said he uploaded a new version of Jigidi at that time, but my problem then only lasted a few minutes. It's been about nine hours now. I can leave comments and do everything except solve a puzzle. When I try to move a piece, my computer freezes up and I have to close out Jigidi. Is anyone else having problems? Stefan and Magnus said they wanted to know if other people were having problems, so please leave a message here and also contact Jigidi. I'll be offline until tonight. Thanks.


Hi Hester, thanks. I remember them, but I remember them as having much more muted colors, browns mostly. But I go back to my hippie days of the 60s. By the 70s, I was behaving much more responsibly...


Morning Gail! This is a great puzzle! It reminds me of the patchwork suede fringed bags we had back in 70s. Oh dear, I'm remembering some fashion disasters now! :-))