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Monica, this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My newest (red) Pinknblack from the Past

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Won this beauty at a local online auction on Wednesday. It is so unlike me to collect RED, but it was just too beautiful. If you look at it just right there is a lot of magenta sparkle, which I couldn't capture in the photo. I do love it. Took the pic in my hubby's office that he as done up in barnwood.


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Oh my gosh! Kathy this is so very gorgeous, I'm absolutely in love with it! I am sooooo jealous, but I am also happy for you that you won this lovely piece! Can hardly wait to see where you decide it's resting place will be! I can definitely see the magenta sparkle in it, and I absolutely love where you set it to take it's pic! The background is all in neutral colors so it made the vase really pop, made for a really great pic! How on earth does one win a dozen teapot sets? I would definitely like to learn your secret, as I've never won anything in my entire life! By the way, I love your husbands office and what he's done with it! I've always loved barn wood! Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this for me Kathy, as I very much appreciate it! As far as collecting other pieces to go with your vase, I'll keep you in my prayers! My ex mother-in-law had the whole collection of the blue carnival glass and she adored it, she kept it displayed safely in a cabinet where everyone could see it but NOT touch it! L.O.L. Thanks again pinknblack for posting this for me, congrats on winning this piece and the the other 12 sets! Your friend, Monica


Wow . . . snazzy, Pink!!! And great for a big bouquet . . . or sangria?


Janine, all the information you shared was so appreciated and helpful. I have a few vases in the marigold colour, my married son has already been given most of that colour, and he is very appreciative of the pieces I've given him. This beauty is a keeper and I am growing fonder of it by the minute. Again, thanks.
Sherry, thanks for taking the time to post and I'm just glad so many of you are getting to enjoy it, also. When it finds a home on some shelf, I will take a pic and show you all its new resting place.


Oh my gosh, Pink--this is so gorgeous!! I have seen many pieces of carnival glass, but I don't think I've ever see it done in this beautiful color. Thank you for sharing it, and best of luck filling out your collection. And please show us more when you find it. Sherry

Hi have a collectable piece of "Carnival" glass. Back in the 1930's and 1940's at the carnivals, there were booths set up with all colors of this glass, and all the different dishes. You had to throw certain coins into the dishes from where you were behind a fence, and hope to get the coin into the dish or pitcher, and you won that piece. The colors were almost always irridescent like yours, so you got the hint of other colors as well. It was just ordinary pressed glass in molds to look like cut crystal glass. The USA stopped making this by the 1950's, I believe. But then Mexico started to produce this glass, so it is hard to say when this was actually made. In the right setting, these pieces can be very a China cabinet, or some kind of glass cabinet.
In some areas of the country, you can still get whole sets, creamers and sugars, salt and peppers, name it. The pitcher is very pretty, and I can tell you are very proud to have it. Good luck in finding more. You did right putting this on a neutral back ground....looks great !
Thank you for sharing......Janine.


Laura, thanks,I am really getting to like this beautiful colour, may even have to have other pieces to go with it. So glad it came my way. Thanks.


Sometimes you just have to say, "What the heck." It's gorgeous.