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Floris in klomp

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The sweeping of the streets, Schutkleur, is the use of big brooms to sweep away and dirt, or paper, or leaves, from the street. I even think it might include putting water on the street as well. I think they do something similar in my town when MI week begins, they wash the sidewalks in the downtown area. I associate that with the perception of some in Europe being more fastidious** than many in the US. (**very concerned about matters of cleanliness) AND, it was that which so impressed my daughter when she was in your country. West Michigan is sometimes referred to Dutch West Michigan because of the large population of people who were originally from the Netherlands. Many in west Michigan are also religious conservatives, and the Christian Reformed Church has many, many congregations in Grand Rapids, Holland, Zeeland, etc. There is the 1st Reformed, and 2nd Reformed, etc. ; )

One of the choir directors, at the church we go to, used to refer to the Reformed as the Christian Deformed -- and that was because of the influence of that group in South Africa and the long period of apartheid. ; )


I`ve heard of the city of Holland, and of Zeeland, Roseheather.
And from what I heard of it there are more traditional Dutch things going on over there, then there are here, in the Netherlands :)))) There are no klompen-dances going on over here, but we do have our flower festivals. Tulips are still a big thing here as well. And I have no idea what the sweeping of the streets means :))


Each spring in Holland, MI there is a Tulip Festival. Our neighbor was part of the klompen dancers as a school student. There is parade associated with the festival and, of course, the sweeping of the streets. This past spring, many were fearful that the festival would only have bare stems because of our very early spring. The city of Holland was advertising for people to come regardless, because there is much to do in Holland. They even have a windmill island. Holland is very near, geographically, to the city of Zeeland, MI. ; )


You`re right, Roseheather. A klomp is a wooden shoe, or clog. And there still may be a folk dance called Klompendans.


When I saw this last evening I knew that klomp referred to the shoe. One of our neighbors, in another neighborhood, was from Holland, MI and talked about the klompen dancers.


Een heerlijk plaatje dit !!


Ja leuk he, Impie. En hij was er helemaal zelf ingekropen. Blijkbaar kruipen ze van jongs af aan graag ergens in, of dat nou een doos, een papieren zak of, zoals hier, een klomp is. Levert soms mooie plaatjes op :)


Looks like it is, Clogdancer. A cute kitty in a big clog. Just for you!! :)))


Yes Graciela, that`s what I thought, too:)))
And you`re very welcome!!!


Wat schattig!!!!! Je doet hier een hoop mensen van buiten Nederland een plezier mee. Floris houdt op deze foto ons imago hoog!!:))


Well..... this is right up my street.What a cute picture. Thanks.


Super cute!! thanks schutkleur!