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Let the Spinning Wheels Turn! (small)

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LOL at both! :D


I always say Knit Wits (for the knitters) is better than Happy Hookers (for the crocheters). LOL


Gail, I love the name of your group! It is so very clever. Both of my daughters knit. I actually learned how to knit from my grandmother. But, I discovered that I have no patience for it. We have some wonderful yarn stores in Portland and the lovely colors and textures always attract me. I will have to check out both your puzzles and the group itself!


Jan, did you see the 2 baby sets under Gailarino from a few days ago? At this point they are on the 2nd page.


Jan, if you want to learn more about our group and see some of the things we have made you can go to Registration is free. My name there is, guess,.....Gaillou, You can see many more things I have made. Our group is called Culvers Knit Wits. Or you can go to it from my profile there.


Gail - I am thrilled that you are doing this wonderful work. It is "very close to home" in my life. The need is huge, unfortunately. And, to do something so tangible shows great compassion. Thanks to you - and to your Knit Wits! :))


Thank you for your comments, Jan. As I said I love to knit and crochet. A rule at our Knit Wits group is that if you take yarn from there, you bring it back finished for charity. The granny squares were donated in various stages of completion. I found great satisfaction in knowing some abused woman was able to wrap up in it with her children. Every woman who leaves the shelter takes the bedding items that she used at the shelter to her new home. They also provide the women with kitchen items, food, and clothing. Usually they escape the abuser with no more than the clothes on their backs.


This is the perfect time of year for all the lovely things you make for charity to actually be used. I loved the Granny Square so very much. And, it was huge! I used to have a number of afghans that were made by a family friend. I gave them away to friends and acquaintances as the years passed. I absolutely love the stories behind these. It is a wonderful thing you do to help out other people in such a personal way. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. (I left brief comments on each of the puzzles.) And thanks for digging them up for me! :D)))


Thank you so much, Liane. I, too, noticed that this one just keeps on spinning! Thanks so much for the comment!!


Here are some that I found that haven't been removed yet.

Granny Square afghan
Knit afghan
Knit Baby Sweater
Crocheted Bookmark (it's upside down and backwards. The front is more 3D)


I do love to knit and crochet and post some of my work every once in a while. Last week I posted 2 sweater sets under Gailarino that I made for charity. I'll look back and see if there are any others that are still available.


Love the colors .Still spinning in my eyes .Thanks Jan . ..liane .


Oh dear, Ank! I do not want to be responsible for your inebriation! LOL

Gail - This is one I made just before the "crash". But, I have recaptured all my abilities but the framing and I'm working on that. Wish I could use some of those made for PCs. I tried and made a beauty, but my computer pointed it's finger at me and said, "No way!" LOL

Gail - I've heard that you are the crochet queen. Is that true? If so, have I missed a bunch of puzzles you've posted of your work?
Thanks so much! I always think of these as wheels. I like the doily concept better!


I do love these, but still maintain that they are delicate crocheted doilies. Do you sell them? I'm going to have to try the large one later.


Eeek, getting lightheaded. Does this mean you got your program back, or is this an older one?


Don't look too long to it. it's turning and turning and........ I become a bit drunk of it.


Jim - Ergo the title of the puzzle! (pain pills WOULD help the effect! LOL

Katie - you have the worst winter weather. I am gazing out at beautiful sunshine. Of course it is cold, but sunny nevertheless! Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hester - Welcome back! Thanks so much!! :-)


Hi Hanne - the links were quite funny! I've always loved Victor Borge. But, we call them comedians (komiker). Clowns (klovn) are very different! THEY are the ones that scare me! LOL


Lovely, lacy Spirograph wheels! Thanks Jan. :-))


Beautiful Jan! I love all the spring colors - it's a cold, windy and gray day with snow flurries here.


Wow. If you stare at these long enough they almost appear to be moving. Of course, I just took my midday pain pills. Have a good day Jan.


They are very lovely Jan, thanks so very much and as for the links to those clowns here they are: - this one is available with English text!




LOL, Pat. If you're not careful, I might be singing harmony in your ear. THAT is NOT a good thing!


Ooh, I wouldn't want to get any blood, sweat, or tears on this gorgeous puzzle, Jan! LOL! Beautiful! :-)))