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Enchanted Fairyland :)) II

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Hello Norma - a nice new avatar you have got - I'm just smiling back to you :)))

I like doing nature scenes and I would love to do many of them but they take a lot of time to do, so I have to settle for one once in a while. :))

You grew up in a city and books transported you to the woods, with me it was the other way round, I grew up in woods and meadows and books transported me, not only to cities but also to hundreds of marvellous places all around the world or even the universe. I still never go to sleep without reading a little while. It doesn't matter how late it is. :))

As always it was nice seeing you around here and Happy Easter to you. :))


Pretty, pretty---looks like a companion piece to two others-----didn't get woods when growing up in city, but books transported me there---thanks for shaqring!!


I've always enjoyed fairytales and as a child in the woods I always would look out for fairies, trolls and gnomes. :)) and sitting by the waterfall and listening to it's music is always a very relaxing thing. :))


Oh yes, wouldn't it be fun to sit by this lovely scene and listen to the waterfall and watch the fairies dance. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Dohun.


I don't know how much beauty I could appreciate at six am. LOL. It's nice to know that you enjoyed the fairyland. I had lots of fun creating it. Thanks for your very early visit and have a wonderful afternoon. :))
I see that you have a lovely new image for your avatar. :))


It really would be lovely to be able to visit this Hanne, sitting by the waterfall and listening to the fairy music. :))


And look at all the fairy creatures dancing in the moonlight. This is so very whimsical, Dagmar. It is also very, very beautiful. I love the movement and color! Thanks so very much for my 6 am delight!!


Would like to visit it really!! It looks SO nice!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!