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Peregrine Falcon? maybe?

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If anyone knows I am wrong please let me know.


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Rainrider, the only one I've seen in real life was diving for prey on a rocky piece of shoreline and very close. It was breathtaking to witness.

Thank you John, I need your note below. hope all is well, with you and rem. hugs !!!!!


@cappy, I am so glad you are improving, hard at times to get past the PT that follows. Keep faith, and joy in your heart. Laugh a lot, that helps.
@Deanna we seldom see them here, when we do it is a treat for us bird nuts. Osprey are even harder to find around here. They don't much like the high dearest, where the only lake is nothing more than an over grow cow pound.
@jyl I am still not sure my self, having seen both around here in the past, I really can't role one out due to never having seen it. I am going to go latter today and see if I can get a better pic. Then it may not be around anymore.


@roseheather Yes Cornell was what I couldn't remember.
From the angle of the shot, I can't figure out which of the two this would be Rainrider. This could be either of the two birds.


John, thank you for the link and your nice photo and sorry for the late reply. I think it could be Peregrine Falcon. I looked at the territory of its extension and it should be a winter visitor, with you ♥:))

John I am doing better every day, hope all is well in your world. hugs to you and rem.


Did you know another name for the Osprey is "Fish Hawk"?


The photo does suck sorry about that. I only had my phone to get it with. It was taken on 11-2-2019 I don't have gps stuff on it, it was taken in Lovington NM, at the lack in Chaparral Park. It stood around 17" tall, and liked fish. I know that because it flow off with one. In flight it was mosly white underneath, though it did have some spots.
I don't think it was an Osprey, it didn't have the mask. the head was almost all bark brown.


The US university - Cornell Lab of Ornithology?


Sorry, RR. No guess from me.


What JM Cookie says is true. If you could tell us what part of the world and what season you saw this bird might help to identify him/her. An approximate size may help, too.
There's a US university (who's name I cannot bring to mind) that has a very helpful website, as well.
Hope this helps.


With the Peregrine and the Osprey we are normally looking up at them, so it is a bit odd to be looking down, sort of makes it harder to sort them out.


Hard to say from the fuzzy pic, but I would this this bird is an Osprey.


@cappy @PutterDutt @FosterMomMaria @Deanna @n2horses97 @Nicepeach2

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