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Amber Cottages, Barrack Hill, Coleshill. Buckinghamshire. Photo by Stefan Czapski

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I couldn't find any reference to the forces being billeted here. An encampment was mentioned but doesn't say if it was an iron age fort so it's a bit of a mystery Phyllis...Sue


Barrack Hill must be a name used a lot in the UK, there is one in Newport, Mon as well. I wonder if the name has anything to do with an 'Army Barrack'? Interesting thought.
Thanks Sue.


All the cottages seems to be well maintained, I guess that keeps them looking fresh. I saw the caption, what a nice person to give a tour and history of the area to the photographer. Like you Joyce I love to see flowers and shrubbery, makes for a very nice little garden out front.
Thanks you 48 for the snippet and thanks Joyce...Sue


I agree with Cakes Sue - nice row of cottages. The oldest one sure doesn't look to be 204 years old! I'm sure there have been many changes since it was first built, but still ... looks to be in great shape for 204 years old!
This was posted along with the picture:
I have to thank a local resident who treated us to a little guided tour, explaining that the cottages were built as four pairs - with a singleton at either end. The oldest are the flint-faced ones at the upper end of the terrace - while the next pair to be built are dated 1809. 'Blue' glazed bricks are quite noticeable (mingled with red) in the earlier cottages. Inside, ground floor levels have been lowered, to allow extra headroom.
Local street signs don't agree as to the name of this road. One calls it Barracks Hill, another, a few yards away, gives the singular form.


Nice row of houses. I love shrubbery against brick, it always looks so nice. Thanks Sue!! :)))
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