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Squares in every color of the rainbow

49 pieces
237 solves
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Jan, I have over 50 pages of bookmarked puzzles. I'll be lucky if I even get to a quarter of them.


Colorful and fun to solve. I enjoyed the texured pieces - they added interest.
Bookmark backlog - oh, well, I too wish for a long time for puzzles.


JiggyJan, I'll make you one that's room-sized just for you. It'll take a while, though, so don't hold your breath too long....

Just like you, I'm afraid to look at how many bookmarked pages I have, Kirsten. I'm glad you enjoyed (or will enjoy) this one. I'm not in control of what gets textured and what doesn't. It just works out that way. No genius there!


Oh, I love it! So colorful and I love the way some didn't seem as textured as others, made it a bit easier. So glad you told me you'd posted more. I looked at your others and realized that I'm so behind with all my bookmarked puzzles that I've bookmarked them and they're somewhere but not on the page I'm on now. I stay on about Page 5 of my bookmarks and no longer WANT to know how many pages I have! LOL 5:11 Thanks, Gail!


Love you rug very much! It's so bright and cheerful and would look wonderful in my house! Thanks, Gail!!


Thanks, Barb. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.


Very colourful and very nice, Gail. :-)