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Rising Sun of a New Summer Day

70 pieces
333 solves
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Note: The flowers are quite different from Flowers #2
Original Title: Flowers #1
New Title: Rising Sun of a New Summer Day

Thanks goes to Ms. Mandy. :-)


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Magda, I'm not sure I know what you mean by not being able to save an image in GIMP. DON'T use "Save" or "Save as." INSTEAD, click on FILE, and scroll down to EXPORT. Select either png or jpg when the new window comes up, and make sure you select a folder....and then recheck to make sure it goes into the folder you selected. I found on numerous occasions that it doesn't go into the folder, so then I either do it again, or look at the very bottom of My Pictures folder.


Thank you so much for the info, Gimp has a filter which makes nice Mosaics, but I cann't save them. I am already using some Kalaidomaker, but color etc. I have to learn yet. But don't worry, I will manage.
I hope you are well, if you went to bed (again?) at 8 am.


Magda, I just clicked on Solve on your puzzle again, and for some weird reason, the pieces don't look as small and as separated as they did last night. But anyway, it's better to be safe than sorry.

And I don't think GIMP has a kaleidoscope maker, but a lot of people use these two websites to make them:
With the link below, follow their instructions exactly as stated:


Thank you, dear whatnauts! :-)

Magda, even though you used an online image....or at least I'm guessing that's what you did, you have to have a good eye to pick out an image that will work with kaleidoscope makers. So you have an excellent eye. I clicked on "Solve" to check out the pieces and realize that you made one big mistake, but it didn't have to do with your artistic ability. You used a small image to make it, like maybe 600 X 400 pixels. In the future, enlarge the image to at least 1000 X 800 pixels. In fact, Magnus and Stefan suggest 1600 X 1200 if one wants to make a puzzle with lots of pieces. What happened when you didn't enlarge your pic, is that the pieces are very small and separated too much.


But Wendy, my stormz waves was just done with a Kalaido maker. I have still not learned to improve on the pictures.


Lovely bright flowers, Wendy. Thanks much :))


Magda, I LOVE your flowers puzzle...and I thank you so much! And let me know if you created your "Stormz waves." When I wake up- I'm taking a nap shortly- I'm going to look at the rest of your puzzles. :-)


Mandy, I left you a reply but I must not have clicked on "Post comment." Anyway, thank you very much....and I agree with the rising sun portion of your comment. I just don't think these flowers are stunning. I made about 30 flowers and whittled it down to these, but some of the other flowers actually looked nicer...but didn't go with the background.

Magda, did you create your "Stormz waves"? It's gorgeous! Holy Cow! I'm going back to your puzzles. :-)


Oh Wendy, if I was so clever! I am not a good photographer used to be with my Rollycord, but digital---not my thing. I also try to make Kalaidos with GIMP, got some interesting pics, but am unable to download them to my computer. But I will succeed eventually, hopefully. Thank you Wendy, for your encouragement.


These are stunning flowers Wendy, and it looks like the rising sun of a new summer day in the background... wonderful puzzle, thanks :~))


Magda, you should have purchased hardy flowers. Mine can withstand sub-zero temperatures and never need water or sunlight. On a side note, and more importantly, I'd love so see a picture of your balcony flowers in a puzzle. :-)

PJ, thank you! :-)

Edie, it's a good thing that you recognize that these flowers are your stress free ones. ;-)
The other puzzle isn't as easy to solve but I'll bet you'll do fine.


Off to try Flowers #2 now. I like these very much. Nice and bright and 'stress free'. Thanks Wendy


Wendy - wonderful design, fun flowers and bright colors :-)))


Lovely flowers Wendy, and they will not freeze at night. Friday was a sunny day, with over 10°C, so I went to buy some flowers for the balcony. I dont have much space, so it was 2 of a kind. But now I have to cover them at night, because it is cold again. So yours are not so delicate. thank you Wendy.


Thanks so much, Pat. Yes, what you said is actually helpful.
One, you like bright colored ones- but then I should already know that by now.
And two, you like a challenge. :-)


This one was much easier, and not just because it had fewer pieces, but I liked the challenge of the other one more, but I also loved these bright colors a lot--does that help?! LOL!!!

I know that I was originally only planning on solving one of them right now, and I picked the other one, so I guess I'll vote for that one. :-)))


Whoa! Don't say this one just because you have the top spot. I'd really like to know which one you preferred solving.


Pat, which did you like better?


Quite! :-)))